Chronic acid reflux, also known as GERD, affects about 20 percent of the population. Sleep Apnea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments. Not if you have the right mattress. Raising your legs and knees can reduce pressure on your lower back. Perhaps your normal sleeping position just didn’t feel right. An adjustable bed is commonly used to treat a variety of chronic conditions. take 7-10 business days to deliver to your doorstep. Its We recommend memory foam mattresses for adjustable beds because they flex easily as you Adjustable Bed perfectly. No, you can do it all by yourself! you sit up easily, reduce snoring, The Zoma Adjustable Bed is built to adjust to your unique sleep needs—not the other way Place your Zoma Adjustable Bed directly on the floor or inside an existing bed frame. If not, there’s often a slot or two where you can program in your favorite positions. And we strongly recommend against a mattress thinner than 10 inches for quality reasons. Please try again. Many of us have had a bad night where we just couldn’t get comfortable. Do you want to take a load off by elevating your feet or sit up in bed? without legs, so you can sit the base You can also program your daytime “lounge” position, so you read and watch TV in comfort. What do we mean by zero clearance? want some extra hands to help move it. Other models include leg casters with wheels, so it’s easier to shift the base when needed. When you sleep on an adjustable base, you can choose a comfortable position that’s not lying flat. can sleep comfortably knowing that your Zoma Mattress suits your Zoma If you run into any issues with your MATTRESS. Many adjustable beds include the zero-gravity position as a preset. Zoma is an all-foam bed that is comprised of three different layers. The zero-gravity sleep position is where your head is tilted upward and your legs are elevated. You can place it on top of a flat surface, and it will work just fine. For any issues, our Get your best sleep when you combine the Zoma Adjustable Bed with the Zoma Mattress. Yes, an adjustable bed can help prevent or ease back pain. By customizing your sleep position, you can redistribute your body weight better. Can someone provide details on how to setup the bluetooth? Our apologies for the confusion, we’ve forwarded your questions to our customer service team and one of our representatives will be reaching out to you today! However, we are no longer responsible for transportation and labor costs. bedroom’s design, or you can use it by itself. take up to 7 business days to ship. An adjustable bed, sometimes known as an electric bed, is a bed base topped with a series of panels. This can depend on the bed’s design, as some have a foldable structure with lightweight materials. that works for you. Are adjustable beds good for lower back pain? When you bend an airbed, you often block its air bladder, which can make the bed less comfortable and supportive or even damage its structure. Do you want to take a load off by elevating your feet or sit up in bed? Raise your legs to relieve lower A too-thin mattress also provides insufficient support, so you’re more likely to find yourself waking up with a sore back or neck pain. surface. An adjustable bed can also improve your blood flow, easing the symptoms and conditions associated with poor circulation. It Get free, no contact delivery. Some innersprings and hybrids do work with adjustable bases, however. labor and transportation are not covered. The final point to consider is your mattress’s thickness. Luxurious models may include built-in massage motors with a range of settings. These customizable positions along with the Zero-Gravity and Flat presets allow you to Consider not only the shape of your mattress but how well it can adapt to an adjustable base’s movements. If you’re a combination sleeper who switches between two or all three styles, look for a medium feel mattress. Adjustable beds were once found only in hospitals, but now you can have all the comfort and health benefits of one in your own home. When you lift a leg so that it’s higher than your heart, gravity will prevent too much blood from pooling in your lower leg, improving blood flow to the rest of your body. You can relax after a long day on your feet with a foot massage, or soothe a headache with a head massage. Some people do not like how such an adjustable base can clash with their bedroom furniture. sleep. You reduce pressure build-up in your body by raising these two areas. friendly customer support team is on standby to assist! personal injury and damaging it. You might also find it challenging to move your body because of your arthritis, making it harder to get up in the morning. Most models look more decorative than what you would see in a hospital so that you can relax in style. What’s in your stomach can then flow up your esophagus. Often, this lack of pressure leaves you feeling more refreshed in the morning. With just the push of a button, you can set up the Zoma Adjustable Bed for customized comfort. Latex foam and poly-foam can work with adjustable bases, too, since they are flexible like It also comes with removable 3-in-1 legs so it can sit in open bed frames or be At the scheduled time, the White Glove service agent will setup the adjustable