4 Get ready for your listening exam To help you prepare for the Listening Test in your French GCSE, follow these 10 top tips. All the best in your exam! 13 Common Entrance Exam Revision For Year Eight Pupils. They tell you who is completing the action. Year 8 French Revision Resources Boys Secondary School. Try out different study techniques at home 6. They are grouped ... (last year). Identify what type of learner you are 2. 1 ST PERSON SINGULAR je - I (becomes M¶ in front of a vowel) 2ND PERSON SINGULAR tu - you (singular or informal) 3 RD PERSON SINGULAR il - he CNS Year 8 Knowledge Booklet French page 2 PRESENT TENSE REGULAR VERBS SUBJECT PRONOUNS When forming any tense, you first need the SUBJECT PRONOUNS. End Of Y8 French Test Revision Booklet By Iarcher. Frenchrevision Co Uk. J’ai rencontré des amis. J’ai envoyé des cartes postales. b) You can tell that an event happened in the future by spotting Write up the following and translate into English (use the vocabulary at the front of this booklet to help) rencontrer - to meet acheter – to buy envoyer – to send manger – to eat Quand j’ai visité Paris, … J’ai mangé au restaurant. French is one of the most romantic languages next to Italian and Spanish. Are you in year 8 and are having a hard time revising for your exam? Year 8 Revision Booklet ... French 17 Computer Science 18 - 20 Drama 21- 22 Music 23 Design and Technology 24 Art 24 . Year 8 French Exam Revision Year 8 Curriculum Toot Hill School. End of Year Exam Revision Booklet Year 8 ... Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 French Studio 1 - topics : 1 – personal information 2 - school 3 – hobbies + free time activities 4 – my town / village 5 – holidays Revision tasks : 1 – use your vocab booklet to create flashcards to Revision Booklet French GCSE Reading & Listening Name _____ 2 . Apart from English, French is the most taught language in the world. J’ai acheté des souvenirs. Year 8 French Booklet 1: Half-Term 1, Lessons 1-14 Les Vacances (holidays) QUIZLET webpage and app: Follow these links or scan the QR codes with your phone - work through the learn option for each ‘set’ of phrases on the menu, then use the other menu options to play games or test yourself. Organise yourself with the right resources 7. What strategies suit your learning style 3. Test Revision Year 8 French Listening Study Sets And. Draw up a schedule for your revision sessions in school 5. Take up the test below and see if you know what various French words mean in English. BBC Standard Grade Bitesize French Grammar. Draw up a revision timetable for your study day 4. Working through this booklet should enable you to: 1. 3 .