Emperor Xuanzong fled towards ChengDu in the southwest, taking Yang GuiFei with him. Her real name was Yáng Yùhuán 杨玉环, born to a Sichuan official in charge of the census, in 719 AD. Yang Guifei was the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) of the Tang Dynasty in the last years of his life. Many of her relatives took positions at Court, with her cousin, Yang Guozhong, becoming Chief Minister, and her sisters were all appointed to nobility. Said to have a face that puts all flowers to shame. The explanation of the story of the cat demon is a bit convoluted, … For others, she’s a figure of doomed love, with a tragic death known all over China. Pink jade is associated with beauty, and it is said that Emperor Xuanzong would only allow Yang Guifei to wear it. 740, drei Jahre nach dem Tod von Xuanzongs Gemahlin Wu Huifei (武惠妃), arrangierte der hochrangige Eunuch Gao Lishi für Xuanzong ein Treffen mit Yang im Wasserpalast zu Xingwen (幸溫泉宮 / 幸温泉宫). She was known as a rare beauty. Amidst protestations from his son, Xuanzong took Yang to be his own concubine, and she grew to wield enormous influence over the emperor, who began neglecting matters of state to spend time with her. When Emperor Xuanzong had firmly established a strong empire with a cosmopolitan capital in Chang’an (outskirts of Xi’an) and a brilliant Court, he ordered a search throughout the land to find China’s greatest beauty. Angeblich hatte Yang Guifei leichtes Übergewicht, was damals aber durchaus gefragt war. She’s innocent and corrupt, powerful and powerless. Background. After the execution of Yang Guozhong the army’s anger was turned on the Emperor’s concubine, who they blamed for the uprising. In der Nähe von Mawei (馬嵬驛站 / 马嵬驿站) (heute: Xinping 興平縣 / 兴平县, Provinz Shaanxi) verlangten die mitreisenden Soldaten, die den Yang-Clan für den Aufstand verantwortlich machten, den Tod von Yang Guozhong und Yang Guifei. Oft wurde sie mit der erheblich zarteren, jedoch ebenfalls für ihre Schönheit weithin gerühmten Kaiserin Zhao Feiyan (趙飛燕 / 赵飞燕) verglichen, der Gemahlin des Han-Kaisers Han Cheng (51–7 v. Because of her the emperor is said to have neglected his duties, and the Tang dynasty (618–907) was greatly weakened by a rebellion that ensued. Only what my parents gave me I would dare to offer. Said to be so luminously lovely that the moon itself would shy away in embarrassment when compared to her face. Who is Yang Guifei? One day, at Huaqing Hot Springs, Yang Yuhuan, the 18-year-old concubine of Li Mao, the Prince of Shou, and one of the Emperor’s sons, caught Xuanzong’s eye. In order to try to placate the populace, which believed that Yang Guozhong had provoked the rebellion, Emperor Xuanzong considered passing the throne to his crown prince, Li Heng. Tang-Dynasty paintings indicate that — like other beauties of the time — Yang GuiFei was a plump woman. Emperor Xuanzong had no choice but to order her execution. Yang GuiFei supposedly suffered from overpowering body odour, which she attempted to wash away with lavish baths and cover up with scented powder. Januar 2020 um 10:39 Uhr bearbeitet. Als sie nach dem Tode der kaiserlichen Vertrauten Li Linfu 752 versuchte, ihren Vetter Yang Guozhong in das Amt des Staatskanzlers zu hieven, kam es zum offenen Konflikt mit General An Lushan, der seinerseits Ambitionen auf diesen Posten hatte. Even after death Yang Guifei was not able to fully let go of the Emperor’s love as she received his full affection out of the three-thousand beauties in his harem. 745 heiratete Prinz Shou schließlich erneut, nämlich die Tochter des Generals Yuan Zhaoxun (韋昭訓 / 韦昭训). Yang Guifei, Wade-Giles romanization Yang Kuei-fei, (died 756, Mawei, Sichuan province, China), notorious beauty and concubine of the great Tang emperor Xuanzong (reigned 712–756). Yang was born in 719 during the Tang Dynasty, early in the reign of Emperor Xuanzong.Her great-great-grandfather Yang Wang (楊汪) was a key official during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui, and, after the fall of the Sui Dynasty, served one of the contenders to succeed Sui, Wang Shichong; Yang Wang was then killed when Wang Shichong was defeated by Tang forces in 621. The emperor capitulated and reluctantly ordered his attendant Gao Lishi to strangle Yang to death. Juni 719; † 15. Nach der Ernennung Yang Guozhongs brach 755 sogar eine als An-Lushan-Aufstand bekannt gewordene Militärrevolte aus, die die Tang-Dynastie an den Rand des Abgrunds bringen sollte. There are many legends about her. As for the official case of maweiyi, there have always been different opinions. Juni 719; † 15. The emperor, however, never recovered from his loss of Yang GuiFei, and died a broken man a few years later. Yang Guifei's surname was Yang, and her given name was Yuhuan. Yang Guozhong, who was not on good terms with the prince, feared this develop… Yang GuiFei even adopted An Lushan, a general of Turkic origin, as her son and helped him win power at court. ), die ebenfalls Suizid begangen hatte. For some, she’s a decadent diva who sowed the seeds of the Tang’s downfall. An only child who lost her father early in life, Yang Yuhuan was raised in the household of her uncle. https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Yang_Guifei&oldid=196358354, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, chinesische Konkubine des Kaisers Xuanzong. Emperor Xuanzong, wallowing in the pleasures of the flesh, neglected his court and politics. © 1994-2015 Toby Simkin's Broadway Entertainment, LLC. Years of neglect had weakened the imperial army, and its remaining soldiers were determined to remove Yang Guifei, the cause of its decline. Of course not, the famous Japanese literary works, Minamimiya Hiroshi's "biography of Yang Guifei" and Watanabe Ryu's "secret history" in the resurrection of Yang Guifei said that Yang Guifei was not dead in maweipo, but went to japan. Yang Guifei ( chinesisch 楊貴妃 / 杨贵妃, Pinyin Yáng Guìfēi – „kaiserliche Konkubine Yang“; * 26. Als Xuanzong im folgenden Jahr Yangs Leichnam in Mawei bergen lassen wollte, fand er ihn nicht mehr vor. Three of the Four Great Beauties brought kingdoms to their knees, and the lives of all four ended in tragic or under mysterious circumstances. Fearing for his life, the scared emperor was forced in humiliation to consent to Yang Guifei’s death. The An Lushan rebellion dragged on for several years, but was eventually crushed. Ob Yang Guifei freiwillig Suizid beging, zum Suizid gezwungen oder umgebracht wurde, ist unklar; jedenfalls starb sie durch Erhängen. Emperor Xuanzong regretted his actions. Xuanzong had no choice but to order Yang GuiFei’s death by strangulation. Yang Guozhong and An Lushan soon were in conflict, and Yang Guozhong repeatedly acted provocatively, such as arresting and executing staff members from An's mansion in Chang'an. Geboren wurde sie in Yongle (永樂 / 永乐), Präfektur Pu (.mw-parser-output .Hani{font-size:110%}蒲州), doch stammt ihre Familie aus Huayin (華陰 / 华阴) und Hongnong (弘農 / 弘农) (Provinz Shaanxi). Yang Guifei bade the emperor farewell and hung herself. As the rebel army advanced on the capital, Xuanzong and his court fled in panic, Yang included. Zuletzt musste der Kaiser sogar samt Gefolge nach Chengdu in Sichuan fliehen. Chr. Yang wurde seine Konkubine, unterhielt aber auch sexuelle Beziehungen zum alternden Kaiser Xuanzong. The An Lushan rebellion dragged on for several years, but was eventually crushed. Category Sports; ... Gwefey- Yang Gui Fei Story - Duration: 5:37. Years of neglect had weakened the imperial army, and its remaining soldiers were determined to remove Yang GuiFei, the cause of its decline. Yang Guifei’s uncle and siblings rose to power from the time she was 27 until her death eleven years later in 756. I will forever leave the palace. One's Favourite Concubine: A Yang Guifei’s inevitable fate: Great beauty that will corrode, ruin, and destroy the nation. Etliche von Yangs Verwandten rückten daraufhin in höchste Staatsämter auf. Yang hatte eine ausgeprägte Vorliebe für Lychees. as depicted by this Vietnamese painting, in chronological order, they are: Each had their own uniquely human qualities. Yang Yuhuan was the daughter of Yang Xuanyan, a census official in Sichuan. One’s Favorite Concubine: A Yang Guifei’s inevitable fate: Great beauty that will corrode, ruin, and destroy the nation. The Tang Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) had a harem, and his favorite concubine who was known for her beauty and talents was Yang Guifei (719-756) who is also known as Yang Yuhuan. Yang GuiFei was strangled in the courtyard of a small Buddhist temple by Gao Lishi, and buried at Mawei village. On one occasion, Yang GuiFei offended Emperor Xuanzong with her words, and he sent her back to her home. Rarity Strain Spawn Area Clayton Cemetery Shape Catalog Collection No. There are many operas and shows based on the tragic love story of the Emperor and his favourite concubine.