30 Jahre Wiedervereinigung – eine Deutschlandreise. End the day with a buffet dinner at your hotel in Bad Herrenalb, on the northern edge of Germany’s Black Forest. Check out the Airborne museum in Sainte-Mère-Église, the French village that was the first to be liberated by paratroopers. Today is devoted to the history of Nuremberg. Travel Hell’s Highway and stop at the memorial in Overasselt, commemorating the site of the largest airborne landings of all time. (Breakfast), DAY 15 - FRANCE . About. Your safety is our number one priority. Study the exhibit recounting the “path of the prisoners” and see the site of the former barracks. Maps. As you depart Caen, pause at the Pegasus Bridge for a guided visit to understand how its capture by the British 6th Airborne division was instrumental in deterring a German counter-attack. (Breakfast, Dinner), DAY 7 - FRANCE . After a leisurely breakfast, travel to Ulm to view the imposing Ulm Minster with the tallest church steeple in the world. . Discover the history, visit the locations, and hear the stories of epic World War II battles and the men who fought them; from the D-Day beaches in Normandy, France - to Hitler's Eagles Nest in the Bavarian Alps. Stop at Lorraine’s American Cemetery in St. Avold, the largest American World War II cemetery in Europe. Explore the best Tours and Attractions in Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Munich and Berlin, Germany, and many more of your favorite European cities. Browse and Book your local Guided Tours to the Battlefields and other sightseeing attractions major cities. Another choice is to join the full day optional Salzburg & Eagle’s Nest with Dinner excursion. Ulm – Bad Herrenalb. 1/8. Close. Layover Tours . Skyscrapers & Towers. This beautiful place honors the liberators, victims, and all those who continue to fight for peace. 16-day World War II Memorial Tour of Europe 2021, Click here for a complete list of Included Features. GPS-Daten gibt's hier, die ganze Geschichte in TOUR 10/2020 . WWII History in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Moscow, and Stalingrad (Volgograd), Russia; with an optional 3-Day Kursk Tour, Ruins of the Third Reich Tour Leave Nuremberg and travel to Dachau Concentration Camp. Home. Walking Expectations: An average of three miles per day, occasionally encountering uneven surfaces and steps. After check-in, freshen up and relax before the “Welcome to Europe/Get-acquainted” dinner at the hotel. This afternoon, make a stop at the grave of Erwin Rommel, the general who was forced to commit suicide when Hitler suspected him of treason. American Cemetery - Diekirch, BELGIUM . Meet the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours staff, as well as other tour participants. WWII guided travel and escorted tours, European Battlefield Tours, Third Reich, Holocaust, Eagles Nest, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Normandy Beaches, European Theater group tours, Operation Market Garden, Bridge to Far, Hell's Highway. Amsterdam – South Holland. Don't Ask Us - just Read our past Testimonials, Eilene & Lit D. DAY 1 - Overnight flight to Europe. Jersey War Tours is a non-profit organisation that specialises in private tours of WWII German Bunkers and Occupation Sites. Projects. Add your Tours and Events to our World War II Tours and book your own pre-trip excursions at the best prices. Explore the best Tours and Attractions in Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Munich and Berlin, Germany, and many more of your favorite European cities. Continue into the Belgian Ardennes Region and arrive in Bastogne to view the star-shaped Mardasson Monument, a tribute to the soldiers who died in the Battle of Ardennes. Transfer to the Paris Airport for the return flight home. (Breakfast, Dinner), DAY 10 - HOLLAND . On June 6 th 1944 (known as D-day), the Allied Forces launched a full scale assault on the beaches of Normandy.. Visit the impressive Utah Beach museum, built on the exact spot where the first American troops landed.. CGT Battlefield Tours, a specialist group travel operator, providing guided inspirational tours to the sites of World War I and II in Belgium, France and Holland.. We're a specialist group travel … Many scenic and cultural highlights are also included, providing for an enjoyable combination of learning and leisure. Palermo, Licata, Gela, Troina, Taormina, Sicily; Salerno, Monte Lungo, San Pietro, Cassino, Gran Sasso, Anzio, and Rome, Italy, Operation Barbarossa Tour Period. . Caen – Paris. (Breakfast), DAY 9 - GERMANY . The older topics on this subject reference LondonWalks tours - Westminster at War and The Blitz. . Meals - In addition to any meals you may be served during your flights to and from Europe, the tour price includes 14 breakfasts and 9 dinners during the land portion of the tour. Caen. . This system of obstacles was constructed between the world wars as a defense against any future German invasions. "You let us see and experience all that we were hoping for... and you went so beyond our expectations.