We can leverage our USA and off-shore molding capabilities to deliver the right cord, when you need it. Electrical Wire Color Codes What Each Wire Color Means for You If you live in the United States and your home was built after the 1940s (or your outdated wiring has since been updated), you can expect the electrical wires behind your walls to follow certain color standards . The Canadian Electric Code governs the electrical wiring color code for Canada. Before that, it had its own code for electrical wiring. #2 Pair # Cond. Wire Color Code Charts TIA-598-A FiberOptic Color Code Fiber# Insulation color Fiber# Insulation color 1 Blue 7 Red 2 Orange 8 Black 3 Green 9 Yellow 4 Brown 10 Violet 5 Slate 11 Rose 6 White 12 Aqua Note: More than 12 Fibers the color code repeats and have striped subgroups CCC Color Code Pair # Cond. Hot (active) wires may be any other colors except these. NEC (National Electrical Code) In the United States, the National Electrical Code (NEC) mandates electrical wiring color codes for the protective ground. For all other functions, there are no legal requirements. Inner conductor color chart for international and North American cords. US DC power: The US National Electrical Code (for both AC and DC) mandates that the grounded neutral conductor of a power system be white or grey. “Green-yellow” refers to green with yellow stripes. The protective ground must be bare, green or green-yellow striped. The old color code in UK (until 2004) is shown below. Allied Wire and Cable is a distributor and manufacturer of Flexible Control Cables, Continuous Flex Cables, Torsion Cable, Flexible Speciality Cables, Flexible Motor Cable and Bus Cables. #1 Cond. #1 Cond. The color code practice is very similar to that of the US because of the harmonization effect. The protective ground must be either green, green-yellow, or bare copper. #2 CEC Color Code for Canada. StayOnline provides the most reliable power cord supply chain management.