"The second critical requirement is that once they do detect a predator, they need to see where they are running. “Kiki” needs to see the vet very soon, l just pray that she’s in good health. 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That type of behavior and physical symptoms can also be caused by a number of things, including seizures, which is also a symptom most of the time of an underlying disease. I do love getting the surprised cat face with wide eyes, open mouth and ears up. I know they are happy! Just noticed that my cats eye looks strange. spread out to cover the whole visible surface)..he could no longer see anything..that was the day we couldn’t let it continue. The vertical pupil slits found in cats, snakes, and crocodiles also give these predators a competitive edge, the team found, by allowing them to better approximate their prey's distance by honing their depth perception and focus on the target. We went through this as well…I had no idea what to look for…sending you a soft hug. Cats have some of the most unique eyes in the animal world: Instead of having circular pupils like humans, the black parts in the centres of their eyes are vertical - which can adapt quickly and can open and close like the aperture of a camera. He looks so cute but I never noticed it in my other Bengal tiger Kitty who is also 10 yrs old. We are still sad about one of OUR cats: 4 years ago, our black Siamese started having minor strokes (hubby called them ‘spells’); our vet SWORE he was in no pain..just a little confused. He’s not mad or anxious. The squint helps to protect her eyes from an opponent’s claws. When it's dark out our pupils expand to let in more light and enhance our vision, but when it's bright out, our pupils get smaller to prevent overstimulation. JaneA Kelley They have to see well enough out of the corner of their eye to run quickly and jump over things.". Since larger predators are further away from the ground than their shorter counterparts, such as the domesticated cat, their eyes don't have to pull as many tricks to focus in on a target. He can drink with no problem . is fixed though, but,l too wonder about her eyes and health, l worry about all my babies for that fact. My cat is not showing any discomfort. I know they are content! It happened so fast. The Vet checked him out and said he was just old and on his way out. A cat’s pupils react to light and darkness. We suggest working with your vet or a professional behaviorist on this. Their eyes definitely do change not only with light and dark but with things going on around them. Saying that everyone who owns a cat knows this or that just isn’t true! Should I have let her refer me. Never heard of mood changing size of a cat’s pupils. Are you didn’t know a cat’s gender? This article doesn’t seem accurate. My 19-year-old kitty has had dilated pupils for approximately the past year. i don't know its hard to explain. Cat eyes do the same thing, but with much more finesse than humans. A cat’s nictitating membrane isn’t used while they are awake, so they aren’t visible normally. Her pupils get huge when she’s in hunting mode, and ready to pounce on her favorite toy. For example, when my cat, Bella, gets surprised, her pupils go wide and she jumps up in the air with the classic “bottle brush tail.” Wide cat pupils can also indicate excitement. So are my tabby cat that have tortious shell swirl patterns. Nothing else other than the food. Very little of this article made sense to me. On the other hand, wide cat pupils may indicate anxiety. All this eye complexity leaves a lot of questions still open, leading some researchers to doubt the paper's conclusions. “If anisocoria occurs suddenly, you should consider this an emergency situation and seek veterinary care immediately to lessen the chance that your cat’s vision will be permanently affected,” Cheryl Yuill, DVM, MSc, CVH, writes in an article on anisocoria in cats for the VCA. Bear has always talked a lot since he was a kitten. Have you never noticed when a cat is about to pounce on something their eyes go very big. If the cat eyes are narrow and the eyes are squinted, that’s a sign of aggression. Photography ©graphixchon | Thinkstock. The squint helps to protect her eyes from an opponent’s claws. If your cat is sitting there, looking tense (with a hunched back and her tail close to her side), and her pupils are also wide, you can assume that she’s anxious about something. Using computer models, Banks found that these animals are able to see an expanded panoramic field of view, even when their head is down while eating. I was noticing in photos of large, wild cats, their pupils are round — why are domestic cats’ pupils oval/”slit shaped”? She confirmed she is blind suggested referring to Cat Opthalmologist for further tests…costly but may confirm actual reason as vet doesnt know. He is a very silly boy. He can carry on a great conversation, but his pupils are open just as wide as they go. Not everyone here is a veteran cat owner and even we veterans can learn something new! After taking a thorough history, your veterinarian will test the health of the eye. (The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends taking cats to the vet for regular checkups twice a year.). My 3yr old handsome cat Bailey is having a weird looking eye problem. Don’t hesitate to get your cat to the vet if you notice that her pupils are different sizes. Discover how your cat’s pupils are the keys to her mood — and can even tell you if you need to see a vet ASAP. Then I’m not sure what her pupils look like cause her eyes are closed! What could be causing this? of Manhattan ….She is the very BEST! (Prior to that we’d been going in for weekly sub-q fluid to help her kidneys, and laser therapy for pain.) No swelling was observed or any bleeding at all. Our cats communicate with us in very subtle ways, and one of those ways is through their eyes. I think my cats eyes eye are diabetes at all times. My 13 year old also has this issue, but it doesn’t seem to affect her sight, and she’s still active. getting helpful tips and helps is great please keep sharing them and for those who already know great do not hinder the sharing for the rest of the people. Trust me – I know! When her pupils are somewhat dilated she thinks she’s a dog and wants to play fetch. Why are cat eyes so special? Incidently what was happening with your cat to decide to take it to the vet.