In response, the people revolted against Rehoboam’s rule and appointed Jeroboam, of the tribe of Ephraim, as their ruler. This has been helpful WE’RE studying the 12 tribes. The tribe of Benjamin also came back to partner with Judah. js = d.createElement(s); = id; I only wish you had included scripture references. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; His second wife, married soon after becoming ruler, was the daughter of Egypt's Pharaoh (1Kings 3:1). This is a good lesson of knowledge that really help me. Nevertheless, his father-in-law didn’t want to give the younger daughter in marriage. The younger advisers, who grew up with Rehoboam, took for granted the power of the tribes to become independent if they so wished. Sometimes some of the histories in the Bible escapes some…, Need to Know the Names of the 12 Tribes of…, Studies to Help and Make You a Bible Study Leader…, In this chapter, our species took a detour that…, The seven churches of Revelation described in Revelation chapters…, Chapter 2 of Genesis begins with the report of the…, Genesis Chapter 14 Summary Genesis Chapter 14 Summary outlines some…, Read Updated Version of Genesis Chapter 12 In chapter…, Ezekiel was sent by God to give a message to…, Genesis Chapter 4 Summary Genesis chapter 4 commences with Adam…. Your comments have helped me! Many blessings to you as you minister. Solomon's indulgence in both pagan women and idolatry angered the Lord, especially when he had appeared twice to him (1Kings 11:9 - 10). Jeroboam, the man who led the revolt against the kingdom Judah, set up his own worship system for the 11 tribes. I am currently studying the Prophet Micah This is why the first king and kingdom of Israel rested on a Benjamite named Saul. God said he would take the kingdom away from the house of David but because of a promise made to David, he left him a tribe of Judah and Benjamin as well as the Levites. She was given the rights of the first wife (even though she was married by deception). Sometimes some of the histories in the Bible escapes some Bible students as they study. Praise the LORD, Richard, let us all continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom from the LORD. Who are the Gentiles in the Scripture | Bible Study Ministry, A Wife Sought for Isaac, the Heir of the Covenant, THE COVENANT OF THE ALMIGHTY CONFIRMED WITH ABRAHAM, Numbers Chapter 1 the Children of Israel Numbered, THE COVENANT BETWEEN ABRAHAM and ABIMELECH, The BIRTH of ISAAC and the DEPARTURE of HAGAR and ISHMAEL, THE CHILDREN OF LOT, MOAB AND AMMON, BORN. Solomon began to rebel against God. This is the clearest explanation of the division I have ever read. A pleasure to assist Linda Joy, thank you for being here, many blessings to you and your study group. Josephus, the first century Jewish historian, also asserts he not only financially supported but also worshipped the foreign gods of his wives (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 8, Chapter 7, Section 5). The break away kingdom of the ten tribes retained the name ISRAEL, whilst the smaller kingdom that remained around Jerusalem was known as JUDAH. Scripture also seems to indicate that Solomon in his old age also indulged, at what level is unknown, in worshipping the following pagan gods as well as the true God of Israel (1Kings 11:5 - 7, 10, 2Kings 23:13). Answer: Throughout their history in the Promised Land, the children of Israel struggled with conflict among the tribes. (BSM), believes the Bible is one assimilated account leading and pointing to Jesus the Messiah. Your Online Bible Study Supplement Source. Not before the elder, “no, no, no,” therefore Jacob ended up marrying them both. Jeroboam, the man who led the revolt from the kingdom Judah, set up his own worship system for the 11 tribes, which essentially made all of the tribe of Levi to return to Judah.