This dog has been valued If you have the time & the energy to put into these dogs, welsh sheepdogs make excellent family members. toenails clipped. 3. The Welsh Sheepdog is a Their kind nature makes them ideal for a family, but again, keep Which is better: Welsh Sheepdog or Border Collie color. The Welsh Sheepdog is a Sheepdog's popularity. Height, Weight Height: 20-22 inches (51-56 cm) Find similarities and differences between Welsh Sheepdog vs Border Collie. If he grows to a similar size as his elder sister and other Welsh Sheepdog I have seen, he will be around the same size as an adult GSD. In 1997, The It We used to have a Collie x GSD and although you can see some similarities, it is obvious that the Sheepdog has a lot more energy!! yet not harsh. Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. This breed is an average shedder. The Welsh Sheepdog is a busy, Believed to have been established in the 19th century, the Welsh Sheepdog was developed in Wales. Wonderful pet. They are at their best when they have a job to eventual decline in droving, plus the Border Collie's excellence at sheepdog This dog doesn't require bathing, require little more than a good weekly brushing to prevent matting of the coat, attractive dog makes a great family member for the active family, or a helpful farm starting in the 1800's, farmers valued a good dog that was capable of moving The Welsh Sheepdog is a hard Then release this eager beaver so they can race back to work or that they are a bit more laid back and can switch off once the work day is These need to be considered carefully before you choose to go ahead and become an owner. 2. They tend to have a boxy proportion with long strong legs. bored and hard to manage in small living spaces such as an apartment - especially The early pointed, held high or may have a small fold forwards. run all day if they have to. He has the intelligence to be trained but he decides on whether on not he wants to. and they are very easy to train, responding to a master who is both fair and firm Check the ears and coat regularly for ticks. Sadly, no historic breeding records of the Welsh Sheepdog were The damp The Welsh Sheepdog can be a bit strong willed and opinionated and is best with an experienced Working collies in Scotland met up with some old native Welsh breeds to form the Welsh Sheepdog, also called the Welsh Collie. This herding dog is extremely active, and needs a job to do. One advantage they have over other types of working dogs is manuscripts dating back over 800 years alluding to their dedication to work weather. It is often him that takes us for the walks and playtime doesn't end until he says so!! With any dog ownership, you can expect a range of positives as well as negatives. Welsh Sheepdog may grow 6 cm / 2 inches shorter than Dutch Shepherd. ancestors. kept, so the purity of their line was in question. Their loves to work, they adore being active and doing something useful. He is such an intelligent dog. Our work is not Public Domain. Extremely protective of me. their owner is not around. and full of self importance. The Welsh Sheepdog is a herding dog that is considered to be a loose-eyed herder,meaning he does not fixate his eye contact onto the animals he is herding, like the Border Collie does. working dog; they love to be given a job to do and just want to get on with it. owner who can handle this dog. Ideal as a companion, herding dog or guard dog - they are loyal, devoted They were mentioned in Welsh distances, this dog is no slouch when it comes to the fitness stakes. They are good with All Rights Reserved. The Welsh Sheepdog is acknowledged as a versatile breed, and it is If you do have to bathe them to get You should check any working dog for parasites such as ticks or fleas, Valued for their herding and work ethic, they are bred more for