Their great ability to listen and analyze others allows them to develop extraordinary communication gifts. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! Water meaning goes as deep as the deepest sea. Water Element represents all forms of water that exists on our earth. Water people are mainly intelligent, frank and quick-witted and they have good memory and always think twice before they act. Consider the range and transformative properties of water; clouds, rainfall, gentle streams, noisy waterfalls, the stillness of a frozen lake, a mighty river, the vast oceans, and waves. "Water. From dreams to intuition, magic and mystery, water holds endless inspiration. Water signs are intuitive and sensitive, and they feel more intensely than the rest. The Water Element In Astrology. This article explores the meaning of the water element in TCM. The exact element may change from culture to culture (especially where the system of elements is different than Western custom) but the pattern remains. Fire. These elements are fire, water, earth, and air. Watery descriptiions are well suited to this element: fluid, flowing, wavering. Water is important in spells and rituals of friendship, marriage, happiness, fertility, healing, pleasure, psychic abilities and spells involving mirrors. When the water element means dreams and emotions to one person, it may mean destruction and purification to another. Water is still considered less material (and thus superior) to earth because it possesses more motion and activity than earth. All these elements are said to have a special symbolic meaning that brings even more to the element. Belonging to water in five elements, this kind of people is very gentle, smart and competent. Depending on the tradition and even the individual, water’s magical properties will vary. The Element Water and its Natural Qualities. The water element is best known for its connection to the emotional, spiritual, and subconscious. Unbalanced water can also cause us to make foolish and irrational decisions. A fish, an Iris, Aquamarine, the sign of Cancer, the cardinal direction West, the color blue and the number 2 are all aligned with Water, for example. This phrase is not just the opening to Avatar: The Last Airbender; it is also a very vital foundation to modern astrology. Learn all about the water element, water magical properties, simple water magic spells and more here. The Water element Meaning and personality of the Water element. The symbolism of the Water Element. Water is one of two elements that have a physical existence that can interact with all of the physical senses. People who are in touch with the water elemental, especially the water signs, are likely to be in touch with their emotions better than the other signs in the zodiac. If you think about it, much of the deepest waters are still unexplored, that makes the meaning of water full of potential. Air." Earth. People whose Chinese astral theme is dominated by the Water element have a sensitive and intuitive temperament. In symbolism, astrology, alchemy, you name it, there are four elements that are said to make up the whole of our planet. Water is the element of emotion and the unconscious, as opposed to the conscious intellectualism of air. In Chinese medicine, the Water element is connected to the kidneys, the bladder, and the reproductive organs. The Water element is associated with the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Elements In Astrology : Water. These terms can easily apply to an individual's emotions, the realm where Water exerts its influence. Water Magical Properties. There are two types of water, namely flowing and still. TCM is based on the Five-phase theory (sometimes called: Five-element theory). This theory suggests that there are five elements in nature that cycle in phases through the seasons and our organs: Earth, Water… It is associated with the qualities of darkness, thickness and motion. The symbolic meaning of water is as vast as all the water in the world. The Element of Water is a heavy, passive element and is contrary to Fire. The Water Element in TCM.