Created data models to increase efficiency and reduce costs by X%. Bandar Utama, Tel: +603 2382 5399 (O) / +6012 890 0933 (Mobile) Give examples of how you verify your results—input vs output in terms of aggregative amounts, or a sample of rows. Resume Builder > Resume Examples > Data Science Resumes > Data Engineer Resume. Explain your proficiency with SQL, ODBC in MS Access, and ETL batch scripts. Tel: +012 208 0170 (HP) / 03-7717 3000 (O) Worked as 2nd MWD Engineer under training in Khalda Pet. Increased revenue by 10% with new product lines in Engineering. Expounding on your rules and responsibilities is key to your resume. Recruited, hired and managed 40+ On Shore and Off Shore Developers. Currently managing six direct reports supporting three divisions with annual revenues of $2B. But check out this kind of resume summary: Â. • Increased Gross Profit by 203%. Now, let’s look at some specific Data Engineer resume samples. Apply to Vice President of Engineering, Data Warehouse Engineer, Data Engineer and more! Increase fees by 25 percent for this premium service. For that reason, you definitely need to demonstrate how you continuously improve tech stack and architecture, and that your clean and testable code reduces tech debt. No spam, just information that will help you build a resume that makes you feel relevant and well represented. Discuss personal projects that highlight the above if you have no specific work-related examples. ", "Your resume should show employers what you’ve done outside of your and Enhancv helped me accomplish that. I am an accomplished executive with a passion for technology focused on creating product roadmaps, solutions and designs for Web, Mobile, SaaS and Cloud Based Application. Learning this was intuitive to me and it has enabled me to succeed on many fronts. • Created a campaign with multiple apps that would sort leads via zip code and send a real-time email & SMS to the nearest sales rep. Let’s ensure that you keep delivering the same level of impact everywhere on your resume. Now, let’s take a look at some more specific wording that illustrates your experience much more clearly. Reported directly to the CIO of the Global Asset Management Division, and served as a senior staff consultant and trusted advisor for driving the organization's technical vision. Lead the Design, Develop and Manage critical technology projects for this leading life insurance company's Global Asset Management Division. Notice the Github link, too. A good experience section on a Data Engineer resume will obviously show that your data pipelines aren't going to break at 3 AM. Managed L2 support team on a 24/7 schedule. Found ways to find value out of our existing data, such as …, Integrated a variety of programming languages and tools together, such as …. Unfortunately, this type of summary is all too common. As senior manager I am not only focus on the newest solution, but also on how technologies can lead to cost reduction, increasing customer satisfaction and building corporate value. Data specialist experienced in a broad range of technologies. Consolidated multiple teams, under one management structure creating efficiencies and structure. The perfect combination of experience, skills, and achievements will grab the eye of any hiring manager. Tech stacks vary from company to company⁠—and that's why the first three points are the most important to a Director of Data Engineering reading your resume. Level 28, Menara Prestige Torphy is a Series B, Kholsa Ventures startup with 28M in funding. But the Director of Data Engineering at your dream company knows tools/tech are beside the point. Petrofac (Malaysia-PM304) Limited Traveled extensively as the Manager of a 50+-person global team in London, Australia, New York and Phoenix. Data Engineer Resume Samples 4.5 (42 votes) for Data Engineer Resume Samples. © 2020, Bold Limited. If you're an Entry Level Data Engineer, though, you need to show you know more than just the correct spelling of TeraData and SAS. Certifications tell a recruiter what no amount of words can: that you've been officially certified in a certain skill set. It gives a pretty good insight into what you work on during your free time. Reduced overall team spending by $600,000 a year with dynamic resource allocation and flagging. Excel at the ability to build, recruit and manage large teams of the most qualified, highly skilled solution groups thorough leadership, mentoring and driving towards strategic value driven goals. Senior Data Engineer with 5+ years of experience in building data intensive applications, tackling challenging architectural and scalability problems in Finance. 47800 Petaling Jaya Eliminating manual process exceeded $1 Million per year Savings, Reporting directly to the CTO and CFO of Lockwood/BONY. I am blessed to meet with great people who made me more empathetic. C-level interaction, Business Intelligence Strategy, Management Consulting, Project Direction and Leadership of Personnel, Business Processes improvement, Chaos Management, Proposal and RFP responses, QA and Risk Mitigation, Agile/Scrum, Strategy and Vision. Established a team to implement Configuration vs. Customization of Business Objects and Services. You’ve built a good first impression so far. Built scalable and fault-tolerant systems. Write work experience that is both actionable and quantitative. Retained by the Divisional CTO in multiple management and consulting roles for both Product and Project Management, providing Corporate Strategy, Development, IT Project Management, and PMO Creation for direction and leadership in its Wealth Management Separately Managed Account Division. This is not good enough for obvious reasons. Introduced new data management tools and technologies such as …. Streich is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that has developed technology to sequence the human microbiomes. Vice President of Engineering - manage a Global team of over 90 engineers for the development and implementation of the Finance, Enroll, Reconcile, Audit and Architecture products for the Affordable Care Act. All rights reserved. Create the best version of your Data Engineer resume. Enhancv is a simple tool for building eye-catching resumes that stand out and get results. It will also show that your abilities are going to help Data Science and Engineering teams work more efficiently. Give an example of how you’ve delivered data to a business client in the most efficient and compliant way possible in the past. This professional summary tells your prospective employer nothing about you or your skills. Write a resume header that has links to your portfolio. Typical duties of an Engineering Director include implementing engineering projects, ensuring compliance with organization objectives, supervising and guiding employees, and reporting to top management. Tel: +6016 287 9626 (HP) / 03-7717 3000 (O) Manage configuration changes to various product devices. PERSHING/BONY - Implemented the Accounting and Wealth Management Portfolio Model and Rebalancing Applications, Money Manager Overlays, Fee Calculations and Reporting.