After your workout, you can burn more calories for up to 48 hours during the muscle repair but only if you get the ketones to help. Your muscles (and the rest of your body) will gain more of the necessary nutrients to help them grow, build, and strengthen. Both nuts and seeds are full of protein and healthy fats. Meanwhile, the dark leafy greens will add all the other nutrients you need. Get Sufficient Calories. Log in, This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a comission for purchases made through these links, at no cost to you. While normal water is good, coconut water is better. The protein breaks down to help strengthen the tissue within the muscles. Milk and Greek yogurt are by far the best liquids for your protein sources. With all the options above, you get a creamy smoothie. Instead of the seeds and nuts, you can use nut butter. And they are animal products, which aren’t great if you want to follow a vegan lifestyle. You’ll remain fuller for longer without consuming a lot of calories. Choose a sweet citrus/acidic based fruit. 1. However, you can add some yogurt instead. The after-work out green smoothie is an excellent way to repair the muscles and add energy back into your body. If you think the color is the most appealing thing … Coconut water will put them back into your body, making it a worthy addition to your green smoothie. Coconut water for the electrolytes. The great thing about this recipe is that you can constantly change up the ingredients. Almond butter does tend to be the best option for protein, but peanut butter is a good and cheaper option. If you want to give your smoothie more of a protein punch, add in some protein powder. Remember that it’s all about the protein. Not everyone can handle the natural sugars in milk and Greek yogurt. The fiber will break down slowly, so you constantly have something to work on. It’s not as effective, but still a good option. You can forget that you’re eating them. Start on the lower end of the scale and add more if you feel you need them. If you want to get rid of some of the bitterness, get rid of the stems. It’s not necessary but is an option if you want to build more muscle quickly. Parsley Mango Smoothie (my favorite) 1 bunch parsley (chopped up a bit so it blends well) 1.5 cups frozen mango Water (more or less depending on what consistency you like. All Rights Reserved.Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Positive Health Wellness is intended for informational and educational purposes only. If you want to make your post-workout smoothie suitable for the pre-workout snack, you should add some oats to your drink. You can also choose soy milk if you’re allergic to nuts. When you want to build muscle, you need a diet that will support it. Your body will need something that helps to sustain its energy levels. You can struggle with your health if you don’t replenish them and will suffer more muscle cramps. It’s completely up to you how you want to gain it. Here are the ones that you want to add to your weekly routine. They are full proteins, meaning they have all the amino acids that you need within one serving. You can replace with sun butter if you have a nut allergy. In 2014 at her first international show, Team Universe, she was awarded a Pro Card … The fruit will break down to give you the healthy carbs you need. Pear, Kale, Avocado and Raspberry Smoothie 1 large bosc pear 2 handfuls of kale 1/2 avocado 1 cup raspberries Water Use the smoothie after your workout. That’s why you want to choose a liquid that is going to help support your protein and energy needs. When opting for either, look for the full fat and plain versions. There are debates over which green is better for you, but honestly, either one will work out. It aids in the repair and recovery period. If you don’t want berries, then look out for bananas. They’re known as superfoods for a reason! Finally, there are the carbohydrates. This is a nutrient we tend to be deficient in and tend to notice through fatigue. There is little digesting needed, meaning the nutrients are easier to absorb within the intestines. These nutrients will help with the repair of your muscles while reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system. Citrus fruits are extremely juicy and will blend well with a smoothie. When you stock up on leafy greens, look out for spinach and kale. Whey protein powder is the most popular option when you want the extra protein punch. It’s time to turn your snacks into a powerhouse for your muscle building. The final ingredient is 2-5tbsp of nuts and seeds. Both are powerhouses when it comes to nutrients. The first is the water content. So, what are your options? The nuts and seeds will also add selenium to your diet. They work well with all citrus fruits and the dark leafy greens. Oats will offer you more fiber and carbohydrates to get you through the workout. You’ll get iron, calcium, and much more in just one serving. This is packed with minerals that turn into electrolytes within your body. If you're trying to gain weight, eating enough whole food to meet your caloric needs can be dang near impossible. Green smoothies are an excellent way to improve your health and strength. The downside to whey protein powder is that it is milk based. You’ll want to get a liquid into your smoothie. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Adding any flavors will just add unnecessary sugars. You’ll soon have a list of green smoothies that are you’re go-to to build muscle. Best Roundup Of Natural Laxatives To Relieve Constipation, Certified Nutritionist, Doctor and Author at Positive Health Wellness. This is something that water will miss. Copyrights © 2016-2017 Positive Health Wellness. You only need a tablespoon at the most for good results. When your body works in harmony, you’ll get stronger and larger muscles. Coconut milk offers some of the same benefits, but it’s not as good. When you sweat, you will lose minerals that help with the replenishing of energy. You just need to make sure you get the right type of ingredients. Protein is the important nutrient out of all for muscle building. You’ll replenish the energy that you used up during the workout and feel better for longer. They’re regularly used now to replace milk alternatives, and not just by those following a vegan lifestyle. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements that may interfere with medications.All writing and content on Positive Health Wellness is simply the opinion of the author and should not be treated as professional medical advice.Positive Health Wellness is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Another major benefit is a number of nutrients that you’ll get the acidic fruits. Use frozen fruit rather than the stuff stored in the fridge. Breakfast is a great time to get some … Mineral water can help, but it’s not as good as coconut water. You’ll get a smoother taste and find it easier and more filling to drink. These can include oranges, lemons, and even pineapples. Filter water, coconut water, or milk will be the best option. There are a few reasons for this. If you don’t want any milky bases, you can add a different liquid. Too many people assume the fatigue is due to lack of iron and forget about nuts! Since I'm always on the go, I always like to blend a whole bunch of assorted fruits and vegetables a week in advance so I can get all my nutrients for the week without having to re-blend every single night. Look out for fruits that are citrusy or acidic. You’ll get a boost of energy that is sustained. 2 cups fresh spinach (fresh gives the smoothie a better taste), 1/2 cup chickpeas or 4 T (you won't taste these), 1 oz or 2T chopped dried dates (or other dried fruit). Dave keeps trying to find new ways to incorporate extra protein into his diet as he focuses on Freeletics and fitness, so I thought I’d feed two cats with one bowl (I don't kill birds with stones). You can add more fruit if you’d like, but less is more when it comes to green smoothies. What the science says. They’re packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants. All of this is without the calories that most other snacks would offer.