Links are also given below. However, he's inexpensive, and whenever he or another creatures dies, a target player loses one life and you gain one life. Vampires can really suck (ba-da-cha) considering their health-draining, token-swarming, and aerial capabilities. A minimum of two people are required. After coming back in the game as a sideboard card in black decks, he is there to serve its purpose only. Whilst humans are the most common victims of vampirism, it can infect other species as well, including hounds and even dragons. Versatile and inexpensive, Gatekeeper remains one of the most criminally underestimated undying units. Another black/white legendary vampire soldier, Elenda's a bit cheaper than Arvad, requiring only four mana. You can either play this game with printed cards or virtual card deck using software called Magic: The Gathering Online. Each game of Magic represents a battle between wizards known as planeswalkers and the opponents. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; They're not the strongest bunch in terms of battle stats, but vampires wield a variety of life-based effects, reflecting their bloodsucking abilities. He is a master of dark arts, and he always carries a sword. You can either play this game with printed cards or. And as long as she survives and can attack again next turn, you're welcome to play another exiled spell without spending its mana cost. Jeremy casts spells in between his careers as a chemical analyst and campus manager. You can give it to the field from your graveyard, at the time when a land enters. See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. – Tips to Make Your Card Sleeves Dirt Free, How to Clean Playing Cards? Yet another useful two-cost immortal, Bloodghast belongs to both the vampire and spirit factions. It makes Markov a vital character which can help you with several disposable creatures. Hexmage also works excellent at nullifying hydras or other enemies. And since he's not legendary, go ahead and congregate your artists as you see fit. But with hundreds of immortal twilight denizens running amok, which fanged creatures reign supreme? Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. If he manages to arrive, you have got the best vampire till now. You can sacrifice him at any time to remove all counters from a target. He's our most expensive vampire yet (on this list, that is), but five really isn't that pricey in the grand scheme of things. Bloodghast is a useful two-cost immortal. After a few years, interface came out and the counters were everywhere. New cards are released regularly through expansion sets. Factor in his helpful trio of colors and sweet capabilities if he ever actually arrives, and you've got our best vampire yet. I bought this card when it was still inexpensive (about 5 dollars), but I still highly recommend picking one up if you don't mind dropping closer to 15 dollars. It needs only one color to cast. MTG Arena Copy to clipboard 4 Blood Tribute (C17) 100 4 Crypt Ghast (C14) 139 4 Dark Ritual (DDE) 82 2 Defiant Bloodlord (BFZ) 107 4 Demonic Tutor (DDC) 49 3 Guul Draz Vampire (ZEN) 2 Liliana Vess (M15) 103 2 Maralen of the Mornsong (MOR) 4 Nirkana Revenant (BBD) 150 2 Ob Nixilis, Unshackled (M15) 110 3 Quag Vampires (CNS) 4 Sanguine Bond (IMA) 124 4 Sol Ring (CMR) 472 2 Sorin … A 2/1 with first strike isn't bad for just two mana, but then Hexmage throws out one of the game's best benefits: You can sacrifice her at any time to remove all counters from a target permanent. This should get her battle prowess up to par before long, especially if you're using black's numerous creature-annihilating spells. Vampire Hexmage is two-cost black non-legendary immortal. Even better, while in your graveyard, whenever a land enters the field under your control, you can return Bloodghast from your graveyard to the field, an excellent revival that repeatedly summons your unit, possibly with haste to immediately attack. Vampires often bear lifelink to recover health whenever they battle, and several can drain life when certain conditions are met. It is also known as Magic Cards or just Magic. These cards are monetarily valuable because of their rarity. Normally, this will be four, but if you're using her as a commander and recasting her from the command zone, X will be higher. This card is not just the black swamps that most vampires feed from! He/she has a different set of strength and advantages. So you can imagine how popular this game has become! Planeswalker can cast spells, use artefacts, and summon creatures according to the player’s need. I hope to encounter vampire-supporting planeswalkers in the future, though I'm glad they've expanded in recent sets. She's inexpensive and only needs one color to cast, arriving with a decent 2/3, flying, and first strike (dealing damage first in battle and potentially avoiding a counterattack). But, if the other person has less than ten lives, Bloodghast comes with haste. There are very few other cards in Magic that can retool cards in such a warping manner, giving vampires a flavorful and unique trick up their sleeves. But, Bloodghast does not get activated when you don’t have any land. This card is rare from the dark ascension set. This card generally goes well in most black/white decks. Only having 1/3 (one power and three toughness) while costing four mana is a poor deal; however, the legendary Jeleva compensates with other alluring traits. Your email address will not be published. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I've used Markov's token generation to great effect in my own EDH decks. Magic: The Gathering is a collective and digital collective card game. She places a +1/+1 counter on each attacking creature controlled by the player. Thus, three mana nets you a 2/2 combatant and forces your opponent to forfeit a creature, bypassing even indestructible and protected foes. That's not a bad deal, but he works best when you apply his kicker trait by spending another black mana to play him. One category is known as constructed and the other one is limited. – Tips to Clean Pokemon and Magic Cards. He can be included in the vampires as well as the shamans. This amazing ability can really punish your foes for destroying your weaker vampire tokens, and it functions when all creatures (even tokens and Artist himself) perish. Sorin, Lord of Innistrad (142) – Dark Ascension, 2. Enjoy the game. Best Vampire Cards MTG – Top Rated Magic the Gathering Cards of 2019. Bloodghast (83) – Zendikar Vampire Cards MTG, 4. We hope you can encounter vampire-supporting planeswalkers in the future using these cards. Only having 1/3 (one power and three toughness) while costing four mana is a poor deal; however, the legendary Jeleva compensates with other alluring traits. He can’t block anyone. So you can imagine how popular this game has become! Not only does this monster (bearing the aetherborn and vampire subtypes) wield impressive stats for its low cost, it also bears deathtouch and lifelink. At the absolute worst, Blood Artist can block an attack and drain one health upon death, which for just two mana is already decent. See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. There is also a resale market available for such cards. The former lets it kill any creature it battles regardless of that unit's toughness, and the latter restores you life (normally two, stemming from Aetherborn's base power) whenever it clashes.