These cultural needs can include the solidification of one's own cultural identity, by observing the exotic "others". Cultural Tourists These kinds of Tourists are interested in culture to learn about the behavior, culture art, dance. ural and cultural attractions, amenities, transport, multaneously. Types of tourist attractions People visiting the British Museum in London The human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. The Four Types of Attraction The connections you didn't realize you were looking for in a mate . This includes tangible things such as artefacts and intangible things such as traditions.The following are common types of cultural heritage. There are called Natural attractions, Heritage attractions, Purpose- built attractions and Events. Cultural heritage is what remains of historical culture that still has value to living culture. Forming activity. The tourist boards have esitmated that there are around 6,400 tourist attractions in the UK. What is Cultural Tourism? Cultural tourism is a sub-category of tourism: it refers to the forms of art (culture) in the urban and rural area of a region or country, and it is defined as a movement of people to cultural attractions far from their normal place of residence aiming at assimilating information and cultural experiences. ... the predictive power of the different types of at-support services, and people-related factors). Posted Apr 07, 2015 Part of cultural tourism is also traditional religious travelling and in … Cultural tourism has been defined as 'the movement of persons to cultural attractions away from their normal place of residence, with the intention to gather new information and experiences to satisfy their cultural needs'. Cultural-cognitive tourism is an interaction between cultural, ethnic and historical components of the society or of the place to be used as resources to attract tourists and tourism development. Definition of Cultural Tourism: The journey of people to specific destinations that offer cultural attractions, including historic sites and artistic and cultural events and shows, with the aim of acquiring new knowledge and experiences that meet the intellectual needs and individual growth of … Cultural tourism. There are 4There a different types of attractions.