Our Vision "Inspiring the world to be kind, and go vegan". It was while doing a course on Animal Welfare that the seeds of veganism were planted in her head. 1. He decided he didn't want to contribute to that cruelty so went veggie to try and cause the least harm he could – he started his vegan journey back in early 2018 when joining TheVeganKind and seeing all of the incredible vegan options there are! Joining Team TVK has given me such hope for the future of human kind. Vegan means kindness to the world, to animals and humans,  respecting nature and our planet. He is a keen novelist, having already completed and published one horror novel, Dream Demon. Gabriella came to Scotland from Connecticut to study. Andy likes going to the gym, bagging munros with his brother and exploring the highlands, travelling with his girlfriend Rachel, exercising and of course watching the mighty Partick Thistle play just up the road from the TVK warehouse! :) Lauren went vegetarian during her last year in University where she studied Visual Communication and Media Design. In her free time, Gabriella enjoys reading books and writing fiction. Deliciousness. With his big sis Casey in charge of 'Helping', Tyler can't wait until he is a bit older and is able to implement all his ideas. Cuisines. Delicious vegan recipes await you! Leigh went veggie around 3 years ago when she realised she loved animals too much to eat them. In semper porta ipsum a placerat. Our vegan subscription boxes are the perfect way to help you go vegan, and then continue showing you the diversity of amazing new products which are appearing each month -  but you should definitely check out our sister business also, TheVeganKind Supermarket. Joining TVK as our Creative Content Designer, and returning back to the fresh air of Scotland, Lauren is taking her knowledge of social media and design from her experience in London, coupled with her own interest in content creation and the blogging community. Supermarket Subscriptions News Help Categories. Barry turned vegetarian 7 years ago, content he was playing his part in saving the lives of animals. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I didn't really consider what was actually happening as a back end process; the cruelty, death, destruction. Leigh’s worked in customer service for 8 years, and moving to TVK was an absolute dream. Liam went vegetarian at just 18 , after seeing disturbing videos of how farm animals were treated. He likes experimenting in the kitchen, preparing delicious vegan meals. Looking for the perfect gift? As a dedicated vegan, he decided to make a shift in his career and use his wealth of experience to help vegan businesses. Before we set up TheVeganKind Supermarket, there wasn’t really any amazing vegan shop online, so we built it! With his big sis Casey in charge of 'Helping', Tyler can't wait until he is a bit older and is able to implement all his ideas. A maker of electronics, a general ‘tech’ person and a self taught programmer, Liam likes to help people and animals and is currently looking after Maestro the cat, giving him a safe, warm home after rescuing him from a life not fit for such a prince. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, you are flexitarian, or on a plant-based diet, we are here for you. After finding herself n London at a leading publishing and social content agency, Lauren made the full change over to veganism after realising the harm that still happens within a veggie diet. People say receiving our boxes is "like having a birthday every month". After interning for one of the world's largest animal rights organisations, Jenna joined the team here at TheVeganKind as their social media and brand development manager. Whether you are newly vegan, or long term, our vegan boxes are designed to add a bit of flare to your month! Shortly after that realisation, she transitioned to veganism - quickly realising it really wasn't as difficult as she had initially thought. Next day delivery, 7 days a week Vegan Shopping Heaven Welcome to TheVeganKind View All Chicken Strips, Nuggets & Pieces, Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush (Various Sizes), Faith In Nature Shower Gel & Foam Bath (400ml) (Various), Candy Kittens - Sour Watermelon (Various sizes), Plant Based Artisan - Vegan Honea (Various) (190ml), White Rabbit Skincare - Comfort Cleansing Balm, Suma Alter/native Handmade Soaps (Various), 15 x Degradable Swing Bin Liners (50 litres), Honestly Tasty - Insteaddah Cheddah (Cheddar) (125g), Honestly Tasty - Shamembert (Camembert) (160g), Honestly Tasty - Veganzola (Gorgonzola ) (100g), Kallo - Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes (6x11g), Callowfit - Mayo Style - Fat Free Mayonnaise (300ml), Shropshire Spice Co - Cranberry, Orange & Roast Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Shropshire Spice Co - Roasted Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Shropshire Spice Co - Cider Apple And Sage Stuffing (150g), Plamil - So Free Vegan Smooth Salted Caramel Advent Calendar (110g), Shropshire Spice Co - Sage Lemon & Chestnut Stuffing (150g), Violife Vegan Cheese Slices, with Mushroom (200g), Violife Cheddar Vegan Cheese Block (Various), Violife Herbs Flavour Sliced Vegan Cheese (200g), Plant Based Artisan - Honea But+er Spread (175g), Violife Pizza Flavour Sliced Vegan Cheese (200g), Violife Smoked Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices (200g), Meatless Farm Co - Meat Free Plant Based Mince (400g), Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (340g) - Sriracha, The Brook - Rich & Comforting Mushroom Bolognese (380g), The Brook - Garlic & Fennel Seafood Stew (350g), Violife Cheese for Pizza Cheese Block (Original)(400g). Get the low-down on 5 different types of vegan diets. He loves cooking, and becoming vegan has only made him enjoy that more with all the new ways to think about food and get creative. Order by 2pm and we ship at 4pm. In between Dancing, Gymnastics and Muay Thai commitments, Casey spends her time colouring in, jumping on her trampoline and helping make key strategic decisions at TVK HQ. Barry says "I am so happy to say that my eldest daughter has just decided to go vegan! All of her pre conceived notions that being vegetarian didn't contribute to animal suffering came crashing down around her, and she started eliminating animal products from her diet before starting to consider the wider reaching aspects of veganism, such as the boycotting of marine parks and zoos. Junk-food Vegan Diet. While considering giving up dairy to see if it would help her eczema, Kate came across the video ‘Dairy Is Scary’ on YouTube and was horrified. She loves making vegan cakes and cooking at home, creating new vegan flavours and recipes. Looking to work in more ethical projects, she ended up co-founding a vegan tech startup and running several websites and social media channels aimed to help vegan businesses. Then her flatmate went vegan and she realised it wasn’t as difficult as she thought. Each month we donate money to animal related charities, and since our launch in 2013 we are really proud to say that we have donated over £30,000. - but you can rely on Team TVK to craft vegan boxes that are 100% … Barry enjoys going epic walks with his little Jack Russell Coco, and loves hill walking and strolling around the countryside when he gets the chance. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Her favourite genres range from fantasy to historical and contemporary fiction! In her spare time she love going to gigs (a lot of gigs), hill walking, exploring the countryside and looking after her very spoiled cats, Max and Messi. He also loves a craft beer. . He’d always been passionate about equality amongst people and the need for compassion to be shown to the world, that limiting himself to only humans seemed hypocritical and focusing on a narrow part of the issue. Search Page of TheVeganKind Supermarket. 95% of orders are received Next Day. Join our mailing list! Becoming vegan was the best decision we ever made. She also enjoys driving around the beautiful hills and countryside of Scotland and tending to her mad cat Harvey's every need. Actually, there are more vegan than non-vegan foods available in almost every place on Earth (the arctic is an exception). It’s a natural way of life now and he’d never look back! Some call these vegans, junk-food vegans. Our Vision "Inspiring the world to be kind, and go vegan". We are quick and reliable. You can discover the best … You can discover the best vegan brands and buy your favourite vegan products with just one click. Win Prizes Submit your recipe Buy cook books This month's featured authors: Gaz Oakley Explore Cuisine GreenVie Sproud Power up with plants! Vegan diets have received an increasing amount of attention in recent years. We are vegans and want to help everyone live more consciously. Mark loves cooking, photography and going to as many gigs and music festivals as he can. I never gave it a second thought, and mistakenly thought that some animals were here because they were a food source. Away from work, Lauren likes to keep her hands full. We make vegan shopping super easy for everyone. Ethical. TheVeganKind! Home Blog Community About Contact BUSINESS // 09.01.16. He had always been a fan of all animals and to him, veganism was a natural progression. The UK's No.1 Vegan Store for online vegan shopping!