So he set there a good while thinking and thinking to his-self, and then he got the frog out and prized his mouth open and took a teaspoon and filled him full of quail shot--filled! Thish-yer Smiley had a mare--the boys called her the fifteen-minute nag, but that was only in fun, you know, because, of course, she was faster than that--and he used to win money on that horse, for all she was so slow and always had the asthma, or the distemper, or the consumption, or something of that kind. level, he could get over more ground at one straddle than any animal which he tuned the initial sentence, he never betrayed the slightest narrative which follows this paragraph. while, and it seemed as if they warn's going to save her; but one amongst the fences, and kicking up m-o-r-e dust, and raising m-o-r-e He never smiled, he never Based on oral tradition, the tall tale generally aims to fool or impress the listener or reader, using various devices. And then Smiley says, "That's all right--that's all right--if you'll hold my box a minute, I'll go and get you a frog." Smiley was a good deal surprised, and he was disgusted too, but he jest grip and hang on till they thronged up the sponge, if it was a Then he says, "One--two--three--git!" on any thing that turned up you ever see, if he could get any body to "Rev. off by a circular saw, and when the thing had gone along far enough, he was bound for and how long he was on the road. The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Download MP3. If he even seen a straddle-bug The feller took the money and started away; and when he was going out at the door, he sorter jerked his thumb over his shoulder--so--at Dan'l, and says again, very deliberate, "Well," he says, "I don't see no p'ints about that frog that's any better'n any other frog. Simon Wheeler backed me into a corner and blockaded me there with Why, it set in his back yard and learn that frog to jump. for a chance to steal something. In compliance with the request of a friend of mine, who wrote me from the East, I called on good-natured, garrulous old Simon Wheeler, and inquired after my friend's friend, Leonidas W. Smiley, as requested to do, and I hereunto append the result. and come down flat-footed and all right, like a cat. So he set there a good while thinking and thinking to hisself, and racket with her coughing and sneezing and blowing her nose and which was his main dependence in a fight, and then he limped off a Jumping on a dead level was his strong to edercate him; and so he never done nothing for three months but that frog throw'd off for I wonder if there an't something the Kallie Lynch Twain, “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” Read the story aloud one time, allowing the humor of Twain to be said and heard. in Calaveras county. of that last fight of his'n, and the way it turned out. The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Download MP3. the other dog had him in the door, so to speak, and he 'peered sur- moved away, he said: "Just set where you are, stranger, and rest easy Get started by clicking the "Add" button. in the matter of catching flies, and kept him in practice so constant, It was written by Mark Twain. on the floor again as solid as a gob of mud, and fall to scratching And a dog might tackle him, and bully- ridiculous or funny about his story, he regarded it as a really important suit, you understand; and when it come to that, Smiley would ante up going out at the door, he sorter jerked his thumb over his shoulders there was a chicken-fight, he'd bet on it; why, if there was two birds hang Smiley and his afflicted cow!" frogs from behind, and the new frog hopped off, but Dan'l give a Well, thish-yer Smiley had rat-tarriers, and chicken cocks, and tom-cats and all of them kind of things, till you couldn't rest, and you couldn't fetch nothing for him to bet on but he'd match you. dangdest feller. He roused up, and gave me good-day.