The patented Taylor neck and Venetian cutaway provide a comfortable playing experience across a broad range of musical styles, and with an Expression System 2 pickup and preamp highlighting the quality and depth of the guitar’s natural sound, the 214ce DLX is ready to perform in any environment. You have to decide if that's worth it to you. The guitar ships in a deluxe hardshell case. Offer them 1000. As a result, they sing out loud and proud with rich, sonorous voices. I definitely understand the quality of consistency with Taylors, I've never really played a dud yet, whereas I can't count how many Martins or Gibsons I've played that certainly fall into that category. They are very good guitars & sound as good as any of the Taylor line (which I own & have played many). If I found a used one I fell in love with I certainly would. Keep in mind that there isn't much difference in sound between any of the Taylor line as they're all 98% CNC manufactured. The Taylor 214ce DLX is proof that aesthetic beauty and sonic savagery are not mutually exclusive pursuits. I recently purchased a 224ce K DLX, solid Koa top & layered Koa back & sides and also played a spruce top. Other than that, if you are not going to gig with it save yourself some money and skip the electronics. Explore our in-house publication in a new digital experience. You make a fair point. That being said, I would suggest looking for a used Taylor. Start here for an easy overview of our acoustic line, Explore the design details of all current Taylor models, Solid woods and V-Class bracing meet exceptional value, Learn more about our revolutionary bracing system, The sleeker, more compact sibling of the original T5, The versatile semi-hollowbody with coil-splitting & more, Your dream Taylor electric. What about the other models make it seem more worth it to you? The Grand Auditorium shape of this all-acoustic Deluxe guitar reveals a wonderfully diverse tone profile that responds well to players in all styles of music. I just told myself I would never buy an acoustic again without playing it in person first and this one definitely spoke to me. Compare another guitar by looking at a side by side comparison. That's a lot of money for what amounts to the upper tier of their entry model. Whether you’re an acoustic purist or simply don’t need a pickup, we’ve got you covered. CUSTOMER SERVICE UNITED STATES & CANADA 1-800-943-6782, CUSTOMER SERVICE EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL +31 (0)20 667 6033, Copyright © 2012-2020 TAYLOR-LISTUG, INC. All Rights Reserved / ACTUAL PRICES ARE SET BY GLOBAL DEALERS. Brought to life by you, Tips for finding the right electric guitar, Compare videos and specs for multiple guitars, Explore innovative designs that open musical paths for guitar players of all styles, Free eBook download to help find the perfect guitar for you, All the video help you'll need to find your perfect guitar, Explore our guitars with videos by series, woods, and features, The stories that make Taylor guitars the best in the world, Learn through expert reviews, shootouts, demos, and more, Questions? That would be the best idea I think. Fans of Hawaiian koa will love the look, feel and sound of this all-koa Grand Auditorium. You must log in or register to reply here.,, Although the similarity excludes the 100 and Academy series as a construction is quite different and inexpensive. The price of a new Taylor 214 seems a bit high, if you can swing a used 400 or 500 series for not much more. These guitars have an arched back that is beneficial. Taylor’s signature shape embodies the ultimate all-purpose acoustic. Subscribe now for emails with guitar giveaways and prizes, cool deals, guitar news and more from Taylor Guitars! The soundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles. I dunno, you can buy a Taylor 314 for less money than that (used, but in great shape models).