writing. Summer Term revision booklet Name _____ Class _____ 2 What will be in the tests? Content Description . Spanish ASSESSMENT CRITERIA STAGE 4 (GCSE 7-9) Demonstrate understanding of main points and opinions in short texts or a sequence of sentences using a range of familiar vocabulary, short phrases and common verbs in the present tense. Some evidence of understanding the future tense. By the end of Year 10, students interact in written and spoken Spanish to communicate about personal experiences, relationships and aspirations, and broader local and global issues such as the environment, social media and tourism, including issues that pertain to Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish pronunciation and introductions. You will build the skills and vocabulary to be able to describe your family, your hobbies and talk about where you live and what you do at school. Spanish - Spanish Years 7–10 (Year 7 Entry) Sequence / Years 7 and 8 / Communicating / Socialising / ACLSPC001 . Umsetzungsbeispiel Spanisch, Einführungsphase (1) Umsetzungsbeispiel Spanisch, Einführungsphase (1) (PDF / 73 KB) Umsetzungsbeispiel Spanisch, Qualifikationsphase (2) Umsetzungsbeispiel Spanisch… Your tests will include They will cover . During Year 7 Spanish lessons you will learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish. Getting used to Spanish … reading. speaking. the following topic areas. KCGO - Spanisch (Stand: Januar 2016) KCGO - Spanisch (Stand: Januar 2016) (PDF / 570 KB) Umsetzungsbeispiele. listening. Curriculum Guides Guides by Level 1 Curriculum Guides Infants 1 2 Curriculum Guides Infants 2 3 Curriculum Guides Std 1 4 Curriculum Guides Std 2 5 Curriculum Guides Std 3 6 Curriculum Guides Std 4 7 Curriculum Guides Std 5 Guides by Subject 1 Curriculum Guides Agricultural Science 2 Curriculum … Transcribe familiar short phrases in Spanish and translate familiar short phrases into English. Curriculum Area: Spanish Year: 7 Topics Year Curriculum How you can support your child’s learning at home E.g. Year 7 Spanish Curriculum ¡Hola! Year 7 Overview: - Spanish Topic Title Starting Point Curriculum Content Core Knowledge Curriculum Content Core Skills Home Learning Content & Skills 1 Learn the phonics & remembering the ¡Vamos! Kompetenzerwerb in der Auseinandersetzung mit Themenfeldern. Title: Year 7 Spanish 1 Year 7 Spanish.