Solar eclipses are rare events that happen when the Moon is positioned between Earth and the Sun, thus blocking the sunlight and reflecting, at the Earth’s level, only its shadow. Solar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning – The Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that intrigued humankind for thousands of years. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 390 times greater than that between the Moon and the Earth, and the Sun’s diameter is 400 times greater than that of the Moon. Total eclipses generally occur once every two years, and can only be seen in certain areas of the globe, while partial eclipses occur two to three times a year. Retrograde cycles are an excellent time for reflection, and they also bring revealing truths to light. However, this celestial season doesn't just revolve around those intimate family matters. Around the time of solar eclipses, we start something new, we become hopeful, we make commitments and affirmations, plans and choices, we accept challenges, we make decisions, we change, we grow up, we make efforts, we feel unsettled or pressed for time, emotions overwhelm us, we experience a crisis and we are excited. This is especially true with so many planets retrograding, because retrograde cycles are about going inward. The latter is oriented towards others and symbolizes a partner or someone else important, relationships and new prospects that rely on interaction with others. In partial eclipses, only a small portion of the Sun is obstructed by the Moon. Spiritual research has shown that in the case of all eclipses there is a rise in the R aja-Tama and a reduction in the Sattva component. What is the spiritual meaning of eclipse season? On the other hand, for people who are in love, dreaming about an eclipse may be a sign of good luck in that area. SOLAR ECLIPSE MEANING. A less known fact is that total eclipses cannot be seen from the South Pole or the North Pole, with only partial eclipses visible in these locations. the spiritual meaning of the June 2020 solar eclipse, five planets retrograding during this time. They believed it represented a favorable or a threatening manifestation of the divine will. The ancient Chinese thought eclipses took place when the legendary celestial dragon devours the Sun. The only visible part of the Sun, throughout the “dark stage,” is what is called the “Sun’s corona,” representing its outer atmosphere, the result of a gas mix, that is very rarely visible. Eclipses can occur at the Northern Lunar Node or the Southern Lunar Node. It may last up to seven and a half minutes, after which the Moon begins to move in the reverse direction. In addition to total solar eclipses, there are annular eclipses, that occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned, but the Moon’s orbit is so far away from Earth, that it is too small to block the entire surface of the Sun, which appears as a brilliant ring around the lunar disk. Day will turn into night across the United States on August 21. Cancer's cardinal waters are here to teach you how to find a home within yourself and more importantly, within the planet. Ruled by the ever-changing moon, Cancer is symbolic of the home, family, inner foundation, and emotional reality. Solar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning. Eclipses, total or partial, have been observed with interest throughout history. This cosmic event is also considered an annular eclipse, which occurs when the sun and moon align with the Earth (with the exception that the moon is smaller than the sun, which makes the sun appear as a bright ring of fire), according to In many cultures it was a sacred event. So aside from nurturing your wellbeing and prioritizing your comfort, this is an opportunity for you to revisit and reflect on your emotional needs. When the Moon covers the Sun in 99%, the sky is like the twilight. The negative impact of a subtle eclipse on humankind is 9 times more powerful than that of a normal physical solar or lunar eclipse. Due to the fact that the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, as Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the magnitude of the Sun and the Moon, as perceived from Earth, varies. A total eclipse becomes noticeable only when the Sun is covered by the Moon in a proportion of 90%. As every mystery in our lives, the solar eclipse also has spiritual meanings. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out a large chunk of the Sun’s rays. The summer solstice on June 20 — the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere — not only marks the beginning of a brand new season, but also a time when Mother Nature inspires you to tap into the divine light existing within you. Mother Earth and the universe are asking you to look within to cultivate compassion for both yourself and your surroundings. Those who, during the eclipse, hold a knife or any other sharp object in their hand will cut themselves into it sooner or later. At the beginning of an eclipse, the shadow can hardly be seen. It'll shed light on the areas where you need to be more compassionate, whether it be for yourself or for the people around you. There is a lot of evidence that people in China and Babylon have been paying attention to such phenomena 4000 years ago. There's a powerful revolution happening within and all around you, and this is especially true when you're in between eclipses. Throughout history, there have been (and still are) many superstitions about solar eclipses, reactions, and beliefs that have been passed along generations, ignoring the relatively innocuous nature of these astronomical phenomena: Pregnant women should not leave the house during the eclipse so that the infant remains protected from the influences of forces that humans don’t know and cannot control. Can you feel it? And though eclipses are typically known to spark life-altering changes, this month's solar eclipse is considered the most powerful of the year, considering its close proximity to the the summer solstice. And in other cultures it was a bad sign. All eclipses symbolize change: they predictnew beginnings and usually manifest themselves as events in the outside world. The reason you're feeling this energy even more so right now is partly due to the spiritual meaning of the June 2020 solar eclipse, because it has everything to do with your soul's truth. Glimmering in the sign of sentimental Cancer, with the support of five retrograde planets, this eclipse occurs at exactly zero degrees, which is considered a critical degree in astrology. A solar eclipse is a turbocharged New Moon. The first solar eclipse accurately predicted, based on scientific calculations, was that on July 16, 1330, made by Nicephore Gregoras (historian, philosopher, and Byzantine scholar) using Almagest, Ptolemy’s fundamental work of mathematics and astronomy, from the second century.