240 degrees in our little electric smoker with a full water pan and lots of wood chips. Perfectly Smoked Ribs Made Easy with Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse. Approx. Smoking beef ribs is a simple a delicious task. 5.5 hours total to … How to prepare and smoke beef short ribs in the smoker with pictures and complete step by step details. When it comes to ribs, people tend to gravitate towards pork ribs… I have used this recipe in both my electric smoker and pellet smoker and the ribs have come out amazing both ways. I used electric smoker for this recipe, used a flavorful rub and slowly smoked till perfection. Juicy tender beef ribs perfectly cooked in your smoker! Beef ribs are not one of the more common cuts of beef. With summer focusing on everything outdoors, our cooking style changes, and long gone are the days of me standing over the kitchen stove making a fantastic meal for my family. Refilled the chips at 3.5 hours. The lazy days of summer and spending every second outdoors are fast approaching! Turned out perfect. Fall of the bone ribs recipe for your Masterbuilt, Traeger or any charcoal smoker!