Earlier this year, they changed to a climate-controlled set-up, which has enabled them to increase production significantly. Please contact me via email: [email protected], am from Kenya need to partner up with some one to start the snail business.. there are a lot of unkept snails in my area. Thank you. Contact me for all your enquirers with respect to the snail business. please help me out. Suitable Environment for Snail Farming. Snail farming business opportunity demands discipline and specific knowledge of modern technology. Also samples of pen I can built at my backyard. Have you set up your farm? Pls send me pictures of snailery esp. Dry soil, clay soil heavy soil is not suitable for laying eggs. I’m interest to produce snail as commercial purpose from india. Asia, AM simon I can assist you in marketing your snail Pls,I need to know the specifics in building a commercial snail pen. France plays a significant role in snails’ trade. I am very interested in the snail business for South Africa. Medium-sized snails, used for Portuguese and Italian-style cooking are sold live, but are purged and cleaned, and sold in a refrigerated hibernating state. According to Stanley, consumers prefer snails that have been in hibernation, as they retreat into their shells, giving them a rounded shape when cooked, rather than a long, slug-like appearance. can reach at [email protected]. Each year we produce over of 50 tonnes from March to September and some fewer quantities from October to December. SPECIFICATION FOR CULTIVATION [DIMENSIONS OF STORAGE] Hello ROY, !I belief Practical EXPERIENCE SPEAK!If your want to do well in this cool business you can contact us: 2348032329898 Or Mail:[email protected]. looking forward to do good business with you. hi Klaas,did you manage to get the snail farm running?iam in The west rand area and want to start a snail farm. Comment Text*I am a person of Daara Sherif i just. I don’t think this is even allowed in Canada, if i’m wrong I would love to start a colony. Fish These types of materials are needed for each kinds of snailery that are mentioned below. Send us an e-mail if you are interested in buy snail for consumption. If you are intereated in any other type, reach me at a cheaper rate, you can reach me on +2348062493145 or [email protected]. The bury themselves in the soil. We speak English and German. How do I start, what kind of snails, how to sell, where they are easier to bread (in the greenhouse, glass house or outdoors) by profession I’m an agricultural engineer and my thesis is entitled: Snail farming for the purpose of food industry. The most important matter is that snailery must be an escape proof and be effective against predators and it permits easy entree to the trend snails. Jan Smit Thanks, Hello Prince Odili. Please could you advice on construction, species, etc. Im starting a whatsapp group that would bring together people from all walks of life who are in the snail farming business. Offers You to consider purchasing Mediterranean snails. Hi am interested in snail farm in Kenya. Thanks in anticipation. Sheep, Bee Hi Meshack, I am interested in buying large quantity of snails, contact me so that we can discuss more. THANKS WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE.DR SLESSOR BUCHO+22966961580Email/ [email protected]. I am from Hyderabad,India, planning to start snail farm near by Hyderabad, want to know that is this location is Suitable for snail farm, and want to know which breed is profitable and Suitable for my location. I already have some snails in a used car tyre covered with a large metal above. I’m Precious Megho from Delta state, Nigeria. Thank you! I am about to start the snail farm on a commercial scale. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. price FOB of hochiminh: 30usd/Kg. I am Nivash from Tamilnadu,INDIA. 1. I am interested in snail farming. I live in The Middle East and I would like to get snails from Canada. It is recommended to the farmers that a hygienic environment of snails can prevent the spread of disease and improve the health and grow rate of snails. regards Depending on the scale of snail farming you want to go into, your snails can be reared in a large covered box if you are considering small scale snail farming, or in a concrete pen with soil flooring if you want to rear snails on a large scale. I saw that in modern snail farming, they are feeding snail with dried processed food. Where are you located please. hi Hermes, I am interested in buying your snails. do you wanna work together. How many months does it take to mature?Thanks in anticipation. THANK YOU. Thank you! Snails can be kept in this induced hibernation state for up to six months, according to Stanley. Mobile & Whatsapp Number :+91-9566587504 Thanks for your kind considerations! What are the equipments required for the processing of snails? Do you know where I can get more info, supplies, the right snails and info on regulations ? / Snail Farm Begins - … Thank you! Logically, you can expect to be a billionaire,probably multi in the next five years. Aside from the construction of a snail pen; you also make use of the following materials for rearing snails. I am expecting to hear from you. Stanley Micallef and his wife, Heather, of Benoni in Gauteng, use a temperature- controlled environment to speed up the snail-breeding process in their enterprise, Stanley’s Snails. Please contact any local expert. I can’t wait to start mine. price? I haven’t started buto already have farm and really ready to farm snails.please contact me [email protected], Dear Roysfarm, I want to start a snail farm which will grow into a commercial venture…. Murphy from Nigeria, do you still need snails in large quantity? Chicken Only very serious persons should contact me. Its getting interesting & i’ll require good breeding information. Dear sir i have all the information needed for my snail farm for cages,food ect. I have two types of snails in the one hutch I have ( wild and market bought). I want to ask what is the minimum or maximum number of snail per pen?My email is [email protected]. I am very interested in snail farming and i will need your help in starting the farming . Plz send me your email address so we can discuss how I can supply you .or drop me a mail n I will get back. Snail farming is the process of raising land snails specifically for human consumption. Ensure availability of sufficient foods inside the pen. Do u have this much? what is the time of the year to start. Niyi from Nigeria. Thank from Osun State, Nigeria. Please we are into snail farming, will it possible for you to get distributor for us that needs snails (African Snail- Achatina Achatina species) . Which species and what is the sizes ? Can’t wait to start. First I want to record my admiration for your useful site Just like country chickens and farm raised broiler chickens its possible to start a snail farm in Moldova when have snow in winter and cold ? Carbohydrate (%) – 4.99±0.28, Will they do well on a plot near the beach if i grow them in a green house enclosure, Thank you very much for this write up. I think these areas are suitable for snail farming. Mating also depends on origination although they are same species as for example a H. aspersa from southern France may deny a H. aspersa from northern France. pls thanx for the content, pls how can i reach you?, i need a training on this snail subject and i need it in practical. thanks. About 20.5 million people depend upon livestock farms for their livelihood. Email: [email protected] In Australia, snails are grown in paddocks that have stepping stones for cover, while the vegetation provides the necessary feed. [email protected], I have interested on Snail Farming ,basically i m from tamilnadu, If any one interested to guide. I already have a good number of snails i am breeding, what I need is space for expansion since I don’t currently own a landed property of my own Whatsapp no… 008801916762410. I would like to start with maybe 1.000 square meters, something that i could handle myself for a start, so i can learn the most about it, and latter on go big, if i see that it suits me. There are several markets for snail-derived products, based on the various growth stages and sizes of the molluscs. [email protected]. Worldwide shipping. where are you from? ATT/SIR,,,,THANKS MY GOOD PARTNER,I AM DR SLESSOR BUCHO. The age of sexual maturity vary from 6 weeks to 5 years depending on the species. Snails are easily dehydrated, and wind increase the rate of moisture loose in snail which in turn, leads to the dryness of the animal. Any one knows how to contact those feed suppliers ? 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