drive walk pool pool conc. example of wake county approved site plan detached garage 2 story frame dwelling deck porch porch conc. The Subcontractor will provide Contractor with a written Site Specific Safety Plan using the attached Site Specific Safety Plan Form that will document how the Subcontractor will address any … patio retaining wall 1" = 30' 0 10 20 30 1234 north main street 50' … EXAMPLE OF RESIDENTIAL PROJECT SITE PLAN TYPICAL SITE PLAN A. B. Indicate site dimensions. site 3 proposed site plan main street 4 e40 hayward street wadsworth street e38 e39 e48 3 2 figure e17. site plan example deck (size) garage package property lines existing shed note: all existing accessory building must be show along with their dimensions existing house the total lot coverage off all … C. Indicate distance to property lines on … Indicate location and size of existing and proposed structures.