Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … Honey sentence don't add the peanut butter until after you've stirred in the Honey.2.Honey bees have three castes for the division of labour in a hive: queens, workers and drones.3. Log in. Ask your question. CK 1 1105997 In the morning, I like to put honey on my toast. Sentence pairs containing honey translated in English and Spanish. Make sentence of honey , forest ,baby . CK 1 259474 I like to spread honey on my toast in the morning. Add the orange rind, orange juice, lemon juice, honey, parsley and the remaining olive oil. Join now. Depending on the weather and what other plants are growing nearby, there are years when no honey can be collected from the trees, making Amur Cork Honey one of the rarer, more expensive varieties of honey available. 1. 2. ( easy sentence) Get the answers you need, now! Sentence with the word Honey "You say you don't want both butter _and_ honey-- you want butter _or_ honey; I, on the contrary, _do not want butter or honey _ -- I want them both.". 32263 Bees make honey.CK 1 2648532 Honey, are you OK?CK 1 2647692 Honey, are you here?CK 1 63732 Hot lemon with honey is a good remedy for colds. If you’ve ever thumbed through any of my articles here at Honey Copy, you know how in love I am with the sentence. 2. "honey might not be here forever . "' Here's a grilling alternative from the National honey Board. 3. click for more sentences of honey: 12. CK 1 292576 He turned the bottle upside down and shook it, but still the honey wouldn't come out. indushaw2000 indushaw2000 30.07.2020 English Secondary School Make sentence of honey , forest ,baby . Log in. A sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and gives them a reason to keep reading. Honey made from its flowers has a clear sweetness to it, with underlying hints of bitterness. Probably honey was used originally to sweeten the apples instead of sugar. ( easy sentence) 2 I’m constantly studying them, drooling over them and collecting them (here are 81 of my favorite sentences … They were feasting and rejoicing in a land of mi Most people chose this as the best definition of honey: Honey is defined as the s... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Join now. 1. 292+13 sentence examples: 1. honey in a sentence - Use "honey" in a sentence 1.