It also produces fine white wool, covering the entire body except for the face. Debouillet sheep are raised primarily for wool.The breed is developed in the Tatum area of New Mexico(USA) by crossing Delaine-Merino and Rambouillet.. Debouillet sheep breed information. Master these negotiation skills to succeed at work (and beyond) Ewe/wool breeds, such as Rambouillet, Merino, and Finn, are noted for their maternal characteristics and/or high-quality wool. The Rambouillet is a breed of sheep also known as the Rambouillet Merino or the French Merino. It is estimated that that 50% of sheep in the western U.S. are of Rambouillet blood. How to engage your audience in any online presentation; Sept. 2, 2020. The breed is medium-sized, with white color.. A flock of Spanish Merinos were given to the French government by the King of Spain in the late 1700s. Rambouillet. Characteristics Details of Rambouillet Sheep: Rambouillet sheep is a large breed of hard, vigorous, elegant bone. Rambouillet sheep are raised successfully in a range of climate conditions from the scarce brush area of Texas to the extreme cold winters of Wisconsin. 11 Sheep & Goat Research Journal, Volume 23, 2008 ©2008, Sheep & Goat Research Journal Summary The yellowing propensity of Rambouillet wool was evalu-ated. Breeds, or biological types, of sheep can be broadly classified into five general types: ewe/wool, ram/carcass, dual purpose, milk, and hair breeds. Breeders are also realizing the possibilities of raising the Rambouillet in diverse international environments such as Mexico, India and Canada. The head of this breed is of medium size implanted and balanced in relation to the body, free face of wool around and under the eyes. The Rambouillet is a direct descendant of the Spanish Merino Sheep. The history of the Rambouillet sheep is a fascinating one that began more than two centuries ago. The Rambouillet breed originated with Spain's famed Merino flocks, which were known from the earliest times as producers of the world's finest wool. Sept. 5, 2020. Rambouillet, along with sheep that were bred from Rambouillet, are still popular in the U.S. and Canada today. These sheep were taken to Rambouillet near Paris where they are still raised. The Spanish government was so protective of their Merino flocks that any exportation was forbidden. Rambouillet has many of the same characteristics as Merino, but with a longer staple and a bit less sheen. Blog.