For some medical device applications requiring biomaterials, tungsten and gold-plated tungsten wire may be suitable alternatives to precious metals such as gold. Learn the key parameters for choosing a method of 2-axis precision cut off of metal parts based on part type, material type, and part dimensions. Celebrating 50 Years of Precision Manufacturing: Metal Cutting Corporation is genuinely thrilled to say we have just passed a significant milestone in our company history. Learn the vital components of an effective quality control program and its role in ensuring metal parts meet their requirements for design and function. When designing a part, remember that different tolerances may require different processes, and not all processes can produce results to the same tolerance. Learn the difference and how to measure them here. A statistically valid sampling plan in quality control provides a high level of confidence that if the sample is acceptable, the entire lot is acceptable. Find out if metal passivation is the right finishing option for your precision small metal parts or other application. Wire EDM cutting advantages and disadvantages for 2-axis cutoff depend on factors including the material used, part parameters, and surface finish requirements. People often ask Metal Cutting Corporation if we do “metal fabrication” — and the truth is, the answer depends on how you define the term. Learn how Metal Cutting Corporation is enhancing operations and speeding delivery on standard metal cutting services. Learn how the guide bushing and other features of modern CNC Swiss screw machines eliminate deflection to improve efficiency, consistency, and accuracy. Shearing performs straight-line cuts without forming chips or burning or melting the material. Employment prospects are very good for shearer both in Victoria and nationally. How does the metal shearing process compare with other precision metal cutting methods? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and they follow the leader into any and all sorts of trouble. But, when they aren’t essential, it could increase your costs needlessly. Lambs unlikely to get caught in brambles or hedgerows. On the other hand, suppose you need extruded, thick wall tubes for plumbing, HVAC systems, and other pipes. Calibration standards for devices and equipment used in measuring, inspecting, and manufacturing of precision metal parts can pose some unique challenges. Unfortunately, consistent results aren’t always guaranteed. When polishing metal parts for 3D printed medical devices, the goal is to achieve the proper surface finishes while maintaining the device’s complex design details. This season they scanned 180%. Metal Cutting Corporation uses visual and mechanical methods of metal inspection to help ensure that small parts meet customers’ manufacturing requirements. The wool industry is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and was the first widespread international trade throughout ancient civilizations. Surface finish requirements are among the details that are critical to creating a complete RFQ that will help to optimize for manufacturability. When choosing a resistance welding electrode for any application, a thorough understanding of material properties helps to avoid production line issues. Learn how the properties of copper tungsten reduce or eliminate the challenges posed by those materials when they are used in their pure forms. Shearing costs £1/head – 30p less than the rate the Anthonys pay to have their ewes shorn. Over time, “so so" infertile fields can become fairly rich. Finishing. It would also be time consuming. Get answers to common questions about dissimilar metals regarding high and low conductivity electrodes and friction stir in the construction of an electrode.