Some raspberries have the ability to bear on canes during the first year of growth. Firm fruit have the best shelf life of all the ABB raspberry varieties … The first sign of raspberry infestation … Red raspberries, everbearing (primocane-fruiting, listed by fall ripening date, earliest-latest). Amira represents one of the leading cultivar among the modern varieties of primocane raspberry, obtained by Berryplant through a cross between Tulameen and Polka. The plants produce vigorous, complex can and lateral structures that can be double cropped under suitable protection. Primocane varieties are cut down to ground level each year and grow a new cane which flowers later that summer. Polana: Very early-ripening, vigorous, short, productive canes. Amira is a very early ripening … Attractive small to medium-sized fruit, but many … Kweli is a large fruited main season primocane. ... All fruit producers of ABB raspberry varieties … Fruit is light orange red that does not darken after picking. Q Which pests and diseases affect primocane raspberries? These are known as “primocane bearers” or may also be referred to as “fall bearing varieties.” The “fall bearing” name is used because by the time the primocane fruiting varieties … Some primocane varieties can be left to crop again the following spring on their floricane resulting in two crops from the same plant. A Raspberries aren’t prone to many pests, but the raspberry beetle is a common problem and can ruin a crop.