Here's what you'll need: Once you're online, logged in, and have selected your presentation, you're ready to download it. Aside from the fact that we love the eye-catching, bright yellow background (which aligns with the SnapChat theme), Vaynerchuk does a great job of incorporating screenshots on each slide to create a visual tutorial that coincides with the tips. Inquiring minds want to know ... WTF? The presentation is full of solutions to common productivity problems—including problems like email overload and time management. We've said it once, and we'll say it again: We love this presentation from Velocity Partner's Co-Founder Doug Kessler. (I found you on slide eight, Nemo.). While the design is attractive, it's not busy. Wrike makes good use of this principle with this great SlideShare. Often times the background images are poor quality, the text is too small, or there isn't enough contrast. Of course, there's more than one factor that contributes to a good SlideShare presentation. But here are six of the most important factors that many great SlideShare presentations share: For a more in-depth discussion of what makes a great SlideShare presentation, review the info found in Eugene Cheng's helpful slideshow, SlideShare Experts Presentation Design Secrets From 7 Experts. This SlideShare presentation from Bonusly proves that less is more with its minimalist design. We've all seen our fair share of quote-chronicling presentations ... but that isn't to say they were all done well. Design like a professional without Photoshop. Not only is the content remarkable, but the design is also quite clever. Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. This can help your content capture and hold your audience's attention more easily. We're not saying there's one right way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but we are saying that some designs make more sense than others. Do you need more help creating a SlideShare-worthy presentation in PowerPoint? Looking for something to help kick start your next project? Jump into these helpful PowerPoint and SlideShare tutorials to get stared: You can also find more information about creating an effective presentation in our new eBook on making great presentations. This simplistic presentation example employs several different fonts, but instead of coming off as disconnected, the varied fonts worth with one another to create contrast and call out specific concepts. The trouble is, in some areas of life, different approaches don't always return the same results. Next, we'll briefly touch on how to make SlideShare presentations. What Is SlideShare? SlideShare is a platform that lets users share slide presentations online. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Make your presentation more engaging, to the point, and effective. The one above, based on the ebook by Seth Godin, keeps it simple without boring its audience. The cheeky vintage photos work to reinforce the copy on each slide, making the presentation both interesting and visually appealing. In fact, the design element is so strong that no photos are needed. Host meetups. She uses her business knowledge to help a wide variety of audiences. Why do some SlideShare presentations attract thousands of views while others are skipped over and fail to become popular? Rather than displaying numbers and statistics straight up, this presentation calls upon interesting, colorful graphs and charts to present the information in a way that just makes sense. But if you take a closer look at what each SlideShare author has done to make their slideshow effective, you'll see that an effective SlideShare is not beyond your reach. Plus, your audience can review your information at their own leisure through the SlideShare platform. Mark Schaefer, in his SlideShare about social media engagement, does an excellent job of giving you just enough content to pique your interest and teasing what’s to come, which just begs you to keep on clicking through the slides. Donna Moritz does a great job of using eye-catching images to add extra visual appeal to her SlideShare about different ways to stand out on the platform. This simple design adheres to a consistent color pattern and leverages bullet points and varied fonts to break up the text nicely. Get access to over one million creative assets on Envato Elements. For visual learners, this approach is much more inviting than a series of slides riddled with text-heavy bullet points. Check out her latest ideas on her blog. She's also co-authored several ebooks. This top SlideShare presentation from Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media starts with the three letter question, WTF? A lot of SlideShare presentations are uploaded as an afterthought once the webinar or oral presentation is done and in the past. Nearly every slide in this presentation features a photo of one or more people, usually interacting in a work environment. As discussed earlier, SlideShare presentations can be considered a form of online content. A good design should enhance a presentation, not distract from it.