Although a few have been adopted universally and become standard practice in the industry, most practices still depend on the producer’s situation and management of his flocks. There is an overlapping in the use of the terms quarantine and hygiene. What is Poultry Litter:- Poultry litter or Broiler litter is a mixture of poultry excreta, spilled feed, feathers, and material used as bedding in poultry operations. The practice of good hygiene kills microorganisms, including those that cause disease, and all farms carry populations of microorganisms. This term is also used to refer to unused bedding materials. Poultry management involves monitoring poultry health; ensur-ing that the poultry house is maintained with appropriate brood-ing, rearing, growing and laying conditions; and ensuring that recommended vaccinations are given and appropriate feeding programmes are used. The continued productivity, profitability and sustainability will depend on the management practices to mitigate environmental consequences. Each area is discussed and the environ- mental concerns associated with them identified. Other management practices are covered in Chapters 11, 12, 14, and 15. Now, layer farming has been given considerable importance in State policy and has a better scope in future. The poultry industry is facing environmental issues because of the accumulation of wastes. Poultry Management Practices The analysis of socio-economic conditions of the poultry farmers in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has been done in the previous chapter. Broiler: In broiler segment the State is now self sufficient in chicken meat production in respect to demand. Link December 20, 2019 February 27, 2020 SGCS 1 Comment. Poultry Litter Management Practices. It reveals the fact that the socio-economic conditions of the poultry farmers in Tamil Nadu are comparatively better. Therefore, good hygiene practices are an important part of poultry health management. Possible alterna-tive practices are introduced that, when implemented, reduce the impact of poultry production on the environment. A number of poultry management practices have been developed and adopted by the various segments of the poultry industry. Good hygiene practices include: Best Management Practices (BMPs) focus on three main areas: Nutrient Management, Pesticide Management and Mortality Management. References are made to specific NRCS … The poultry management practices have improved many folds, diseases and mortality incidences have reduced greatly.