The margin of profit for distributors and retailers is much less in Patanjali products as compared to other FMCG products. I have patanjali retail store. On the other hand, HUL products give a cumulative 50 percent margin on the whole range. However, the store maintenance requires 15 percent. Patanjali enjoys tax exemption which other companies do not enjoy. 5% NOT SUFFICIENT for own sales force so I can see overall cost as (Distributor own rented space / sales force / own transportation / transactions handling ordering and settling bills / collections / other bills (power/phones) Today, Patanjali products are available across key Future Group retail chains- Big Bazaar, KB's Fairprice, Aadhaar and Nilgiri's. That’s the reason for it being a demand run company. At city level, the margin is near about rupees 2 lakhs. But FMCG as a category has low margins, he clarifies. I keep HUL products because the entire range gives me a cumulative of 50% margin. D-38, Industrial Area, Hardwar – 249 401. I can give you the exact idea how profitable is opening a patanjali store. U mean Patanjali, Patanjali Distributorship, Patanjali Ayurved Limited. Therefore, for new entrepreneurs, joining hands as dealers or distributor of Patanjali items is a good choice. The margin that they receive is 5 to 6 percent and 10 percent on a few products. Low margin to distributors: Patanjali offers much lower margins to distributors and retailers as compared to other consumer goods company, since it is playing a game of volume and not margins. If I keep Patanjali, ... who's been a Patanjali distributor for the past three years now. The other issue is that distributors are not delivering stock of Patanjali … He admits there's high demand and shortage of products. Patanjali procures raw materials directly from the farmers, which substantially reduces the production cost. Distributor's word Margins are low and they can be better, says Gaurav Kanodia, who's been a Patanjali distributor for the past three years now. Although most of the products have 12.5% profit margin. Patanjali claims it has recently increased the margin for modern retailers to 16 per cent, though it declined to reveal the share of sales contributed by modern retail … Patanjali products have a various profit margin, it depends on the product. They should have proper knowledge about the profit margin of the company.