Nibblers are the tool choice for professional roofers for these reasons. Nibblers can even cut over corrugated metal sheets efficiently, even when cutting at an angle. There are some downsides to cutting metal with a nibbler. With Super Nibblers, most of the cutting action comes from below the work-piece. Corded nibblers will never run out of power obviously, but you do need to run out multiple leads to get on a roof. CaNibble Professional Nibbler Bundle - Made in Australia, Two Bench Mounting Clamps, Replacement Punches, Replacement die Plus Free Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment. This gives the mobility and ability to cut around corners easily–which is where jamming usually takes place–nibblers are not likely to get caught in the material as compared to other tools like electric shears and tin-snips. Battery-powered models are a good choice if portability is a top priority, but corded electric models provide more cutting power and speed. Tip: Make sure to understand the maximum cut depth or gauge rating. You can attach a strong magnet to the end of a stick to help you pick up the metal shavings at the end of a job. Nibblers easily make fast intricate cuts that are beyond the capabilities of even the best shears and tin snips. In this article, we share with you our favorite metal roofing tools every roofer should own.. re that there is enough charge for the work you have to do, make sure the battery is 5 amp hours (ah) or greater this will give you a good amount of working time. These are your go-to tools for cutting metal roofing, bending sheet metal, for fastening, marking and measuring – tools designed to help you install roofs easier, faster, safer and more effective.. Metal roofing is a growing trend in residential roofing and is more popular than ever. Please dont forget to follow Banging Toolbox on. Sounds like this can be improved for the next reader. $27.99 $ 27. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28. Its also confusing that the smaller a gauge rating the, There have been a few variations on this basic, Makita nibbler review | JN1601 vs the cordless XNJ01Z, How to cut metal roofing [Corrugated and sheet metal]. Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter, Lichamp Drill Attachment Nibbler Metal Cutting Double Head 360 Degree, 5 Pcs Tool Set with Iron Tool Box, for Workshop, Home DIY and Car Repair. There are also multipurpose nibblers that are powered by compressed air, which are fairly inexpensive options if you already have a compressor. The smaller the rated “gauge”, the thicker metal a tool can cut, the higher the rated gauge the less cutting power the tool has, refer for more information on this below: Fein BLK 1.3CSE/N12 18 gauge nibbler 3.7 amps, Hitachi CN16SA 16-gauge sheet metal nibbler 3.5 amps, Ingersoll Rand 325 heavy-duty air nibbler, Makita XNJ01Z 18v cordless 16 gauge nibbler, CaNibble professional nibbler drill attachment kit, Double head sheet metal cutter, drill nibbler attachment. Most commercially-available models can cut metal at thicknesses of up to 18 gauge. You may not have heard of nibblers before, even if you’ve done a fair bit of metal roofing work–something that nibblers can do exceptionally well. Its also confusing that the smaller a gauge rating the thicker the cutting ability. CDN$ 84.88 CDN$ 84. Most nibblers can also be used to cut aluminum, copper, corrugated iron, PVC, and zinc. A sheet metal nibbler is an extremely compact cutting tool that will surprise most that use it. The good thing about a nibbler is that it doesn’t distort the metal and also cut with a tight radius that most other cutting tools can’t begin to comprehend. Sheet Metal Nibbler. 99. These pieces can sometimes be very sharp and can cause injury or mar the surface of your work-piece. Metal Nibblers & Shears Filter Products Clear all filters. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. If you need to make long straight cuts, electric shears is a cheaper tool for the job. Sheet Metal Nibbler. Adel is one company that continues to manufacture hand nibblers based on standard styles, which are commonly called “punch and die” nibblers. You then apply pressure from the top, allowing the cutting edge to cut to “nibble” into the metal, cutting a little piece with an electric nibbler this cuts yes in a very fast manner punching its way through at up to 2,200 strokes per minute (SMP). Electric Metal Nibbler, ZFE 380W Electric Sheet Steel Nibbler Metal Shear with 1700RPM High Speed Rotor for Cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic 4.2 out of 5 stars 28 CDN$ 306.22 CDN$ 306 . Get the best deals for sheet metal nibbler at An easy way to remember how a nibbler works is to imagine it as a sort of motorized metal chewing rodent. The company’s Super Nibbler is widely considered to be a significant step forward in a  manual nibbler design. Then you need to consider both Nibblers, electric shears, and tin snips. Nibblers have no problem cutting sheet metal around corners, angles, and even intricate shapes. 380 W 710 W 550 W Strokes per Minute. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Most nibblers can start cuts with holes as small as 0.334 inches in diameter. Pay attention to where the metal bits are ejected as you cut. Also, you can cut straight by this powerful tool and it far better to have a nibbler if you’re dealing with metal sheets. 99 When working on visible roofing edges, make your cut is about half an inch longer than where you want the finished edge. There are also conventional manual nibbler designs, the pressure is usually applied in a single motion. You need a nibbler that can cut through a wide variety of metals. You can even get manual nibblers for small metal artwork jobs, but you should look into a powered model if you are planning on doing any building work like cutting roofing materials as a manual nibbler will be far to slow. A nibbler drill attachment can be a cheaper alternative for DIYers, some come with attachments that give you even more accuracy for cutting perfect circles in metal and straight lines with a guide like what’s included with the Canibble for example. Saves a great deal of time, without having to run leads, and move them all the time. When nibblers cut they eject a piston-like cutting blade that punches and cuts small pieces of material 1 punch at a time, but this cutting motion is happening fast so that the tool glides through metal like butter with a  fast (SMP). The great thing about electric shears is the price, and having a portable tool that isn’t tethered to a compressor hose or a lead. The best quality nibbler drill attachment alternative for cutting sheet metal, and roofing at 1500-3000 RMP with the same maneuverability and accuracy of a dedicated nibbler Compact and sturdy design, that even comes with 3 replacement cutting heads and … The models from these brands are generally very durable and can cut through a wide variety of materials. There is often a considerable amount of force required, which places a great deal of stress on the blade, these, however, are only usable for the smallest of metal-cutting jobs, comparable to a pair of tin-snips, however, they can sometimes cut around corners more easily. Best Nibbler for Corrugated Metal: Makita JN1601 5 Amp 16 Gauge Nibbler The Makita nibbler is a reliable , durable and easy to operate tool It cuts effortlessly through corrugated metal, doesn’t jam and can easily cut straight lines and curves . You can then create a second finer cut with tin snips easily without the tin-snips jamming. They are pretty much unbeatable tools when you need to make clean cuts, and they are especially useful for cutting sheet metal corners and angles. A sheet metal nibbler is an extremely compact cutting tool that will surprise most that use it. The best nibbler tool is made with easy to replace cutter heads, for an electric nibbler having 5amps of power really helps chew through your metal-cutting jobs, but you also want to make sure the tool is light enough to easily handle and control for your cuts. Air nibblers cut fast and very smoothly, and are recommended for car panel work or more detailed roofing jobs as they are easier to hold move, and control with a smaller handle, but are a little less portable. How to cut metal roofing? We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Most models can cut 16 to 18 gauge steel fairly easily, although the best models can cut 16 to 10 gauge metal. This could be an important factor if you have to work in tight spaces or places where there is no power outlet nearby. Also, nibblers can cut metal very fast. Nibblers like the Bosch GNA 18 V-16 18v Cordless Nibbler are ideal for cutting corrugated sheet metal. Air Nibblers are easier to use because they are smaller and have a smaller handle to hold onto.