November 2020. This recipe yields about 1/4 cup of chili powder - I was asked to … Saved by Jenna Milosevich Martin. I prefer it to commercial chili powder because it is salt-free. Chili Recipes. 1.7k. This is one of several spice mixes that I've used for years. You can adjust the heat to your liking by adding more or less cayenne pepper to the mix. If your hot Mexican chili powder is a deep red color, with a rich, herby aroma that sets your nose tingling, you’ll know it’s McCormick. This Chili Seasoning is for 2 pounds of beef, so increase 5 times for 10 pounds of beef, 4 times for 8 pounds, etc (and you can use the slider bar to adjust the quantity) For 10 pounds of beef you would need: 5 Tbsp chili powder, 5 tsp cumin, 1.25 tsp cayenne pepper, 1.25 tsp garlic powder, 2.5 tsp onion powder, 5 tsp salt, 2.5 tsp pepper. Yes, it's copycat, but it's dirt cheap and has only 4 mg. sodium per tablespoon Usage South American cooks use hot chili powder to lend deep flavor and spice to grilled meats, fillings for enchiladas and tamales, and traditional sauces for … Chili Recipes Copycat Recipes Crockpot Recipes Cooking Recipes Bean Recipes Cooking Tips Homemade Spices Homemade Seasonings Homemade Chili Seasoning. Copycat McCormick chili seasoning mix.