Sign in or Create an Account. Isnt there any other thing that can be done to "ensure" that my plant "will" produce fruit & in less than 8 years. Check Order Status; Check Order Status; Pay Your Credit Card; Order Cancellation; Returns; Shipping & Delivery; Product Recalls; Help & FAQs; Resources. The soft, juicy fruits of the mango hang from the tree, inviting you to reach out and pluck a ripe fruit to enjoy on a summer day. The Internet's Finest Tropical Fruit Discussion Forum! I believe Exotica may give a small discount for CRFG members, not sure. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337) Customer Service. The Manila mango, also called the Ataulfo mango, is small and has a stringless flesh, making it popular for eating. I would use at least a 15 gallon container. Shop Carpet Cleaners; Shop Range Hoods; Shop Washer Dryer Combos; Beverage Coolers ; Lumber, Building Materials and Safety Equipt. Best grafting technique for home depot manila mango? The label from Home Depot indicated it is " Manila " variety. Be sure to take pictures of your trees progress. I failed all my mango grafts. It seems to be growing well. Search. I have managed to keep a Valencia Pride mangoe tree producing large amount of fruit while maintaining the size under 12 feet using their pruning methods. On Friday I will be buying two home depot manila mangos to graft onto and was wondering what grafting technique would work for brown wood the thickness slightly larger than a pencil? Ok I just grafted Ice cream on a Kent seedling I grew I used Tim Thompsons technique,  fingers crossed,  this was my first attempt to graft ever! Cart 0. These Lemon Zest grafts have grown extremely fast but a NDM graft I did on this same tree has only grown 12 inches in about two years. Good luck. Also can I grow the plant in a big container to prevent it from growing too large. Sorry Zarafet, I don't have any videos. I started a Mango plant from seed (store bought Mango) few months back. As your mango tree gets older, it will need less and less of the nitrogen fertilizer but will require more phosphate and potassium. Thank you for taking the time to snap pictures of your handiwork. Will your mango grow fruit? Nice inverted graft Simon you've got it down! By chance have you video recorded your grafting? Re: Best grafting technique for home depot manila mango? Cart 0. I don't recommend growing mangoes from seed because I have some friends whose tree has yet to bear fruit after 15 yrs. Cleft grafts are the easiest for me but I prefer to use green wood instead of brown wood if possible. All fruit trees can be shipped to you at home. But do I really "have to" wait 8 yrs to see if my plant will produce fruit? "All discussion content within the forum reflects the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by the Tropical Fruit Forum as an organization. Here's a couple pictures of the healed grafts. If I had three hands, I would definitely be taking videos of all my grafts, lol. My veneer skills is very bad. Avoid heavy soils for a mulch because they may mat down and smother your mango. On Sale and Delivered Straight to your Door! Is grafting an option? Which one in LA carries them? My wife has to distract my two kids while I work in the yard so there's nobody to hold a camera. Here is one of my favorite grafting videos; Great video. I had a horrible experience from planting some mangoe seeds. It will probably take up to 8 years for your mango seed to grow to a fruit producing plant due to our less than tropical weather here in the US. Explore More on I would use at least a 15 gallon container. There are many great videos on YouTube regarding cleft grafting mango. Best of luck in your new gardening adventure. I finally ordered a Manila Mango from one of the local nurseries (Walter Anderson). The best climate to grow mangoes is frost free, with cool, dry winters and steamy, hot summers. SamiC, if you can get over high grafts ive seen manila,  timotayo, Glenn,  gold nugget,  Kent and keitt mangos at lowes and HD. You will get fruit from a small tree in 3-5 yrs. Shop Roof Shingles; Downspouts; Drop Ceiling Tiles; More Products. Menu. Yeah that's pretty much the same price,  I saw them for 23$ today in Hemet. Since you are growing the mango in a pot, the tree may not be able to grow a large enough root system to produce unless you are able have the tree is a dwarf variety and it is in a container large enough to allow for the expansion of the root system. I got 100% successful rate by using the garden poly tape (. All of the fruit had so much fiber that I had to chop down the trees.