Majestic Tropical Vibes Meet Easy Care Why Majesty Palm Trees? Buy Ash Trees to bring an excellent source of shade and a beautiful golden fall color to your yard. It contains over 50 species of medium to large trees that are mostly deciduous though a few sub tropical species are evergreen. With long, ultra-regal fronds in deep green hues, … Fraxinus is a genus of flowering plants in the olive and lilac family oleaceae. Trees form the frames of our houses and grace our yards and landscapes with beauty and shade. The tree's common English name ash … From flowering trees, to trees … Discover our selection of Ash trees and saplings for sale … Get tropical vibes in any space with the Majesty Palm Tree, a fresh take on an old favorite. It can also be used in large residential settings in combination with other evergreen plants. Ash Trees grow fast and straight. ‘Fantex’ produces dark green, leathery foliage and is the best variety for residential landscapes. From evergreen to deciduous, Willis Orchard Company offers the three most popular species of Ash for landscaping purposes. Majestic Beauty was discovered by Julian Herman in 1978 in Irvine, CA and is a sport of O. europaea.Olive branches and leaves have long been a symbol of benediction, purification, abundance, … Fraxinus uhdei sometimes called Shamel Ash is a tree that is not native to California. Depending on what is in stock, Nature Hills offers well over 200 different tree species. The Arizona ash … Use this magnificent tree for dense shade, as a street tree or in parks.