I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan, having played it right from the Gamecube days, and only giving up New Leaf after 3 years of daily play. You can now watch it on my tiny Youtube channel and follow me around the whole island and inside my house. ‘Life on Neptune’ - Bild in Blau Handgemaltes XXL-Bild auf 180x120cm Leinwand Versandkostenfrei & 100 Tage Rückgaberecht Exklusives Motiv kaufen! Thank you for listening to Life on Neptune. Become a patron at patron.com/podcastkids. In the last episode, Adam and Emma just arrived in Neptune. In the last episode, Adam and Emma just arrived in Neptune. Mysterious Goat Killings in Silicon Valley — Chupacabras? Hope you listen! Copyright © Mysterious Universe. Check out our other shows, The Mysterious Life … Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. )anchor.fm/ttuhttps://open.spotify.com/show/5PUxu9CPakQNnmC0G9y8a0. It is a great kid podcast about 2 kids that accidentally find themselves stuck on Neptune. The elements on Neptune such as storms, high winds, temperature, and even floating objects are enough to be lethal to this creature. These creatures have adapted to their environment, Life On Neptune Media is dedicated to learning about and understanding your Web Design, Videography, and Digital Media Needs. The answer is pretty simple to fathom as both the planet’s are water world, there might be a possibility of carbon based life to form. Animal Crossing: Life On Neptune – Video Tour. Did you know, this show is made by the podcast kids, a group that makes podcasts for kids. If scientists looked to another solar system and saw an exoplanet with the same characteristics as Neptune, they would most likely reach the same conclusion they reached with respect to the gas giant HD 189733b: it has biosignatures that attract our attention, but it probably doesn’t host any kind of extraterrestrial life. One thing that’s kept my busy and entertained during lockdown is Animal Crossing New Horizons! The Amazing Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot, Dozens of Mythological Mask Carvings Unearthed in Turkey, Alleged ‘Ghost in a Gown’ Photographed in Abandoned Scottish Mental Hospital. Thank you for listening to Life on Neptune. And we ended it with an amazing episode. And yet, I said I would, and I’ve been feeling so much goddamn Neptune energy lately, I might as well try. To find life on Neptune, the planet would need to have a source of energy that bacterial life can exploit, as well as a standing source of liquid water. Also, we are just 3 kids making this podcast. We spent multiple hours across many days working on this episode. In this episode, we explain why we have not made an episode in a while. The Podcast Kids has another podcast, The Mysterious Life of Judy and Shmuel Urving. Does Neptune fare any better? It flew past in 1989 on its way out of the solar system. Explore Neptune In Depth › Yes, actually. Beatport is the world's largest electronic music store for DJs Life on Neptune. Season 1 Finale: There is no end to secrets, Wow! U SHOULd Listen. However, with blood-freezing temperatures, and bone-breaking winds, leaving the house is unlikely. Thank you for listening. Thank You for listening to Life on Neptune. This is my favorite channel! The biggest immediate difference between the two planets is their chemical composition. In the midst of this pandemic, it is hard to keep finding new ways to record. Check out our other shows, The Mysterious Life of Judy and Shmuel Urving and The Bible Kids. Before you load up your parka and journey 2.7 billion miles, you may want to sleep on it. This is a very exciting episode because it's the first that takes place in Neptune! That means it's a lot of work. Announcing you’re planning on writing a post about Neptune during a Mercury retrograde is probably somewhere up there with insulting Saturn to his face. NASA's Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have visited Neptune up close. It has been an incredible season. Welcome to Talk to Us, a talk show for kids and teens. But as Neptune cools over time – perhaps in a billion years or so – the chance of water oceans increases to 40%. Sorry for this episode took a long time to come out. Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages. Follow Talk to us if you want more. We hope you enjoy it. Reach us at thepodcastk@gmail.com. Like when we finally found a good way to do it virtually during our study hall, but then I went back to school, and that all got messed up. I started listening to my children and we love it. It’s cold, pressurized, and volatile, but we are basically talking about a planet characterized to a great extent by frozen water and methane. No planet has defied description nearly so much as Neptune. A rocky planet with the same chemical signatures could be harboring extraterrestrial life, as water and methane are the two key biosignatures astronomers are looking for. I started watching it with my child a couple of months ago, and it so interesting!!! Watch on YouTube Video Tour . First Contact: What Would Intelligent Alien Life Look Like? Check out our other shows, Life on Neptune, and the Mysterious Life of Judy and Shmuel Urving. Regarding life on Neptune, it may be considered to appear either on cloud layer (where some energy will be available in form of energy-rich gases created by Sun`s radiation), or deep in the liquid hydrogen envelope where free energy is supplied by convection bringing unstable molecules from rocky core. Once you get past the swirling gas and travel to Jupiter’s center—and given its volatility, you inevitably will—you’ll find yourself surrounded by a core of superpressurized liquid hydrogen. Listen to find out what happens on their attempt to leave Neptune, but along the way, you find out some amazing secrets. One more thing, we love making shows for you, and we would also love your support. Image: NASA/Lunar and Planetary Institute. Go farther. Become a patron at patreon.com/podcastkids. Listen to a special interview. That’s not a very hospitable place to live.