“On a mountain high, somewhere / Where only heroes dare / Stand the stallion and the mare”. They were now basically a joke. It bores me, but yes, the bass is nasty…I will give you that. As a whole, it’s not good, but it’s got some good – even great – songs on it, if you can make it past the flutes and strings and Paul Stanley’s choirboy vocals. Apparently, Music From "The Elder" was supposed to be Kiss's attempt at a concept album. Reading my take on “Music From the Elder,” we are pretty much in agreement on this one. Music From The Elder has grown on me a lot since I first heard it back in 1986. This was supposed to be the 8th track so completely throws out the storyline by placing it first. The Oath, World Without Heroes, Only You and Under The Rose. Then the disco song. It’s not to say that rock doesn’t have its place for nerdy music - Rush and Weezer are prime examples. This is your last Kiss Ace song until ‘Psycho Circus’ so you better enjoy it and enjoy it I do. You have to give credit to Eric Carr here for playing the drums very close to how Peter Criss would have played the song, if Criss could play drums properly to begin with. I bought Unmasked myself, but missed most of that 3-4 year post Alive II window until I bought Lick It Up on cassette. They turned it in to this song to fit the story. The band was missing. If that wasn’t crazy, look at the band’s costumes for this album…. I heard The Oath on the 12” single of Forever (I think) and was desperate to hear the rest of it. “That was the one time I would say that Kiss succumbed to the critics,” he says. Jim Kanavy: I became a Kiss fan in the 80s and even by mid 80s like 86/87 this was fairly hard to find. Some more than others, but enjoyed none the less. By doing it this way, you completely lose sight of the concept album as now it is just an album with no storyline in proper order to follow (not that you could follow it anyway). It has Ace’s guitar sound prominently on it. That aside, I own Animalize, Lick it up, Dynasty and double platinum. ), but it completely bombed upon release. To add insult to injury, it was the first Kiss album that failed to go gold in the US. Now 1981 was the time when Dungeons & Dragons was becoming a craze, so there were certainly fantasy fans in the rock world. Peter Criss was no longer in the band, their music was no longer rock and things looked pretty dire for them. © The Track Score is 7 out of 11 for a Score of 64% which is actually better than I would’ve expected from what I remember with this album. A fair review John. Anyway, The Odyssey bravely follows unto the breach of the unbelievers, with dramatic hammered pianos, sweeping strings and a very important Paul Stanley once again as the Chief of Theatrical Operations. The second side kicks of with the only U.S. single, “A World Without Heroes”. The journey we are undertaking here now takes on a more serious note, with the somber A World Without a Heroes. Well, The Elder was the band’s ambitious foray into art rock, wishing to create something that would finally give them their Sgt Pepper moment with the critics (because the critics were… mean). They should have let Ace rock it out a bit and encouraged his participation. The tempo changes from slow to fast to slow to fast throughout. Scary. Then we come to song #3, wait wrong sequence. Man, this is definitely not my uncle’s Kiss. Not a duffer in my book but I can see how it might have caused a bit of head scratching back in the day. I wish I knew, because the massively downtuned bass and creepy vocal delivery by Simmons make it my favourite song. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I fucking love you”. Please refresh the page and try again. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They were (to my ears) a poor man’s Mott the Hoople – All flash and no bang - playing second rate glam and hiding their mediocre talents behind grease paint and glitter.