It is to underline that the National Republican Guard and the Voluntary Militia for National Security are not part of the Italian military, but are under the exclusive control of the National Fascist Party. [11] The new Duce had to deal with three major issues: institutional reform, the disintegration of Soviet bloc (and the Yugoslav crisis) and, last but not least, the period of economic stagnation which involved all the advanced countries.  • Lithuania Later locally produced ones were made.[28]. Around 25 April 1945, Mussolini's republic came to an end. Italy is located in Southern Europe and comprises the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, some of Balkan lands and a number of islands including the three largest, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. Some forms of self-government and of internal autonomy are granted to the Autonomous Republics, which have a local defence force (integrated with the Italian military) and an autonomous and local Fascist Party and Republican Guard Command. The fact that the African War was fought at the same time of the Korean War led to a paradox: the Soviet Union supported (albeit covertly) a Fascist country, while it was allied with North Korean government and accused the UN coalition (Commonwealth and US) to be a fascist invasion force; further, Italy supported by volunteers and medical troops the UN coalition, and accused the United Kingdom to be a puppet State of the marxist "fifth columns" while fighting it in North Africa. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. In 1860–61, Giuseppe Garibaldi led the drive for unification in Naples and Sicily, allowing the Sardinian government led by the Count of Cavour to declare a united Italian kingdom on 17 March 1861. The Rome Treaties of 1957 marked the appeasment between Fascist countries (most notably Spain and Italy, while Portugal backed the United Kingdom) and Western democracies against the Soviet bloc, as well as the beginning of general decolonization. The fall of the Fascist regime in Italy and the disbandment of the MVSN saw the establishment of the Republican National Guard (Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana or GNR), and the emergence of the Black Brigades (brigate nere).  • Blitzkrieg During World War I, Italy at first stayed neutral, but in 1915 signed the secret Treaty of London, entering the Entente on the promise of receiving Trento, Trieste, Istria and Dalmatia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire—as well as parts of the Ottoman Empire.  • Moscow Troops of the Decima Flottiglia MAS (elite Italian frogman corps) fought primarily as a land unit of the RSI. In the meantime the Germans had rescued Mussolini from his mountain prison and restored him in the north as ruler of the “ Italian Social Republic,” a last-ditch puppet Fascist regime based in Salò on Lake Garda. Reluctantly, Mussolini agreed to Hitler's demands.  • Kiev An autonomous corps of the military, the Republican Police, are the military component of the Italian police, policing the military and civilian population. p. 311.  • Tempest In most of the inland northern and central regions, the climate ranges from humid subtropical to humid continental and oceanic. Average winter temperatures vary from 0 °C on the Alps to 12 °C in Sicily, like so the average summer temperatures range from 20 °C to over 30 °C.  • Syria and Lebanon Italy enjoys a very high standard of living and has a high public education level. The essential assumption is that the freedom is reached through the complete identification between political power and people, reaching the unity between State and Nation. Italian states (1920 -) =The Socialist Republic of Italy (Italian: Repubblica Socialista d'Italia), is a country in Southern Europe and is situated on the northwest of the Italian Peninsula.It shares a land border to the north with Switzerland, to the west with the Commune of France, to the east with the Italian Republic, and to the South with the Papal State and the Two Sicilies. The Italian Social Republic placed its de facto capital in Salò, on Lake Garda’s north-western shore. Fascist Corporatism is a top-down model of state control over the economy. The failed war effort left Mussolini humiliated at home and abroad as a "sawdust Caesar". The Duce is elected by the convened Parliament and remains in office until his resignation.  • Comparative military ranks German Führer Adolf Hitler and his staff, long aware of the negotiations, acted immediately by ordering German troops to seize control of northern and central Italy.  • Pearl Harbor He carries in itself the unity of the state. Many did not live past the end of World War II. Ancient Rome was at first a small agricultural community founded around the 8th century BC, that grew over the course of the centuries into a wide empire encompassing the whole Mediterranean Sea, in which Ancient Greek and Roman cultures merged into one civilization. Italy has a written fascist constitution, resulting from the work of Duce Benito Mussolini, aided by a Constituent Assembly, in turn formed by the representatives of all the fascist factions that contributed to the defeat of monarchist plots. Just four days later, on 12 September, Mussolini was liberated by the Germans in the Gran Sasso raid in the mountains of Abruzzo. The RSI Minister of Defense, Rodolfo Graziani, surrendered what was left of the RSI on May 2, when the German forces in Italy capitulated, putting a definitive end to the Italian Social Republic. [6] German forces themselves had little respect for Mussolini's failed fascist movement and saw the regime as useful only for purposes of maintaining order, such as repressing the Italian partisans. Prominent examples include the famous anti-modernist manifesto of 1932. This article does not contain any citations or references.  • Pointblank The Ancient peoples of pre-Roman Italy – such as the Umbrians, the Latins (from which the Romans emerged), Volsci, Samnites, the Celts and the Ligures which inhabited northern Italy, and many others – are Indo-European peoples; the main historic peoples of non-Indo-European heritage include the Etruscans, the Elymians and Sicani in Sicily and the prehistoric Sardinians. Following massive demonstrations and rallies - although disguised by the propaganda as pro-Regime gatherings - a new anti-capitalist and corporatist spirit rose within workers, medium and small employers and, mainly, Party. This interpretation of Fascism was launched to conquer again Italian youth, which was gripped by a moral crisis similar to that of Western countries. It is equipped with three large aircraft carriers, new destroyers, submarines and multipurpose frigates.  • Territorial changes of Germany Wild Blood tells the real story of the Fascist film stars Luisa Ferida and Osvaldo Valenti and their support for the Republic. Just as many works of art in the Italian Renaissance were commissioned by royalty and the Roman Catholic Church, much music was likewise composed on the basis of such commissions—incidental court music, music for coronations, for the birth of a royal heir, royal marches, and other occasions. This was a combined German and Italian offensive against the 92nd Infantry Division. The new official ideology, although still including corporativism, was launched in 1995, and is called "Romanian Heroism", being heavily influenced by the Evola's proposals: the Roman Empire heritage evolved from a scenographic and rhetoric instrument to a spiritual and moral adhesion to a social model.