Our Cast of Venerable Characters: *Arbequina *Arbosana *Chemlali *Coratina *Frantoio *Leccino*Pendolino *Picual *Picholine *Santa Caterina *Seedling (Wild Olive) Arbequina A small tree (15'). Olive Tree Cultivated Varieties. The flavor of the same olive will change the longer it stays on the tree. The largest olive collection (accounting for 17 percent of the total olive trees with more than 500 varieties) is held by Agricultural Research Council - Olive growing and oil industry research centre (CRA-OLI) in Italy, followed by the collections of the Centro de Investigación y FormaciónAgroalimentaria Córdoba (CIFACOR) in Spain. Olive trees are extremely hardy trees that adapt to many climates and soil conditions. It is grown in the Puglia region of Italy. Varieties of Olives What We Carry: TUSCAN GREEK SPANISH FRENCH Swan Hill Favolosa Frantoio Leccino Pendolino Coratina Cerignola Kalamata Sevillano Manzanillo Arbequina Cayon Luc Picholino Reach us at 707-732-6152 to inquire about any of these varieties. How it’s fermented and seasoned after the harvest changes its flavor too, and there are infinite ways to treat an olive, subject only to the imagination and local resources of the producer. Different varieties will mature into blue, red, brown, purple, or black. ... Corotina is one of the most important Italian varieties. Self-fertile and a … Olive tree hedge of five different cultivars. It is partially self-pollinating, but performs better with a pollinator such as Pendolino. Frantoio Frantoio is the most noted olive oil variety of Tuscany, Italy, and one of the most highly acclaimed […]