Anyone can have a nonbinary gender identity whether or not they are intersex. We live and work on unceded First Nations land across Australia. ABN: 73 143 506 594, © Copyright 2009-2020, Intersex Human Rights Australia Ltd. We acknowledge with thanks the generous support of an anonymous donor and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Medical education is limited, and awareness of intersex people in biology and sex education at school is often absent. “Genital surgery [for intersex] individuals is quite common in infancy and adolescence.”. Recognise the diversity of intersex people. We face body shaming and stigmatisation in education, healthcare, sport, work and other settings. In biology it has come to define an organism that combines both “male” and “female” functioning reproductive capacity. Some intersex people find the term offensive while others reclaim it. Historically, western and some other legal systems recognised hermaphrodites as either female or male depending on prevailing or predominant sex characteristics. Kim said the causes are integrally tied. What do intersex people need from doctors? Watch a debate between 2 bioethicists and 2 paediatric surgeons, Intersex surgery disregards children’s human rights, Download CMYK version for high quality print. Instead we share an experience of stigmatisation and discrimination due to our physical characteristics. Engage with as many perspectives as you can find. “male chromosomes” or “female genitalia.” Ask intersex people how they want to be treated and what terminology they prefer. We pay our respects to elders. Very many intersex people suffer lifelong physical and emotional effects from such interventions, and related shame and secrecy. This can include risks of elimination from the gene pool, and early so-called “normalising” surgeries and hormone treatment designed to make us appear more typically female or male. Policies vary widely, and can usually be found on hospital websites. Here are five concrete steps to better support intersex people in your communities: Educate yourself. Educate your community. We do not share in common any gender identity or sexual orientation. Encourage your students and colleagues to be allies as well. Education Resource. Some intersex people use this terminology, particularly when accessing healthcare or if taught by their parents or doctors. The UN and many other human rights institutions recognise them as harmful practices and forms of violence and ill treatment; they must end. Although we’ve seen many instances of intersex people being harmed because we’re different, we’ve also seen so many instances of wonderfully supportive friends, family members, health care workers, co-workers, colleagues, allies and others in our lives. Intersex variations can become apparent at many different life stages, including prenatally through the use of genetic screening technologies, at birth and in early childhood, at puberty, and later in life – for example when trying to conceive a child. Use intersex-inclusive language. The National LGBTI Health Alliance is the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people and other sexuality … Statement on the Senate report ‘Involuntary or coerced sterilisation of intersex people in Australia’. new google.translate.TranslateElement({ We engage in systemic advocacy, community-building and education. Transphobic gatekeepers often privilege intersex status in accessing gender-affirming care, so it’s no surprise that several of my non-intersex trans friends have told me they “wish they were intersex.” Many intersex groups receive inquiries from non-intersex trans folks hoping to discover that they are intersex to gain access to the care they need. Shut down negative talk or statements that you hear from your students or even fellow teachers. Many of us are heterosexual and many of us are not. An immediately controversial act, this has been challenged as it entrenches a medical model that sees intersex bodies as intrinsically disordered.