Undoubtedly, the current situation is helping the wildlife to … This paper is based on an ethnographic study of serious wildlife tourists. It focuses on three important aspects of this type of travel. Importance of Wildlife Tourism With fishes returning to the canals of Venice and goats roaming on the streets of Wales, wildlife has been returning to nature since the humans are confined at homes. Chapter 2 describes the background to tourism and wildlife activities and deals with the benefits of tourism and It indicates the importance of wildlife and tourism, how tourism activities have expanded over the years and the reasons behind its expansion and increasing international awareness. Tourism in National Parks and Reserve Forests. First, the tangible benefits of the tourist experience, second, the importance of the tour leader as the In developing countries in Africa and Asia, wildlife serves as an abundant resource of food and livelihood. In progressive nations, the presence of wildlife opens the possibility of a thriving tourism … While nature-based tourism, which includes wildlife tourism, has been expanding rapidly in the last decade or so due to increased demand and opportunities, wildlife and biodiversity are increasingly threatened by habitat loss, poaching, and a lack of funding for protection. Essay # 1. Tourism and Wildlife Management Posted in Tourism & Wildlife Management. Importance of Wildlife Tourism in India 3. Chapter 1 introduces the reader to wildlife tourism. The various plant species in the wild are also essential components of traditional medicine. Policymakers are increasingly aware that wildlife can bring significant economic benefits, with many countries, including the majority of Small Island Developing States and many developing countries, heavily dependent on wildlife to generate tourism revenue. The importance of nature-based tourism as a way of saving wildlife is not only being recognized here in the U.S. but also around the world. Collectively promoting and marketing the Community as a Single Tourist Destination while conserving and ensuring sustainable utilisation of wildlife and other tourist sites. Introduction to Wildlife Tourism in India: India is a land of most beautiful wild lands and natural parks, rich in bio-diversity and heavily populated forests. Some countries are absolutely banking on it, both to save wildlife and to build their emerging economies.