size and legal form of business, amount required, length of time, existing loans • Recommend and justify appropriate source(s) of finance in given circumstances, 5.2 Cash-flow forecasting and working capital, 5.2.1 The importance of cash and of cash-flow forecasting: • Explain reason why cash is important to a business • Describe what is cash-flow forecast, and how a simple one is prepared and the importance of it • Change or complete a simple cash-flow forecast • How to analyse and interpret a simple cash-flow forecast • How a short-term cash-flow problem might be overcome, e.g. purchasing, marketing, financial, managerial, technical will be examined when doing these IGCSE Business Studies past year papers• The concept of diseconomies of scale with examples, e.g. We have students not only from Subang Jaya but also from Puchong, Shah Alam, Klang, Putra Heights, Ara Damansara and Kuala Lumpur KL. 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Chris was extremely passionate in guiding me for my A Levels accounting and helped me achieve my A in accounting. 5 Financial information and decisions This accounting and finance section studies the need for and sources of business finance. how a business is financing its activities and what assets it owns, sale of inventories to raise finance (the constructing statements of financial position will not be assessed when attempting these IGCSE Business Studies past year papers) pressure groups and government• The role of legal controls over business activity affecting the environment, e.g. Therefore by attempting these IGCSE Business Studies past year papers, you will be able to: Candidates will also gain lifelong skills, including: In this IGCSE tuition centre nearby Subang Jaya and Shah Alam, we are have other subjects too apart that includes science, english and maths. A Level Students will face difficulty getting into Public Universities due to Government’s decisions amid COVID-19. 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Thank you. 2 People in business The focus is the functional or business department of human resources and includes the significance and ways of motivating employees. absence of management skills, changes in the business environment, cash flow or liquidity problems • Reasons new businesses are at a greater risk of failing, 1.4.1 The key features of different forms of business organisation:• Sole proprietor, partnerships, private and public limited companies, franchises and joint ventures • Differences between unincorporated businesses and limited companies • The ideas of risk, ownership and limited liability • Recommend and justify a suitable form of business organisation to owners or management in a given situation or scenario• Business organisations in the public sector, e.g. There are 80 marks for this paper. Great tuition experience! postal questionnaire, online survey, interviews, focus groups • The need for sampling • Methods of secondary research, e.g. Therefore, the lessons were resumed as online immediately without any missing class. Similarly, we have checkpoint combined science for igcse lower secondary. There are always fou questions based on topics from the whole of the syllabus. My child obtained an A in A level accounting exam. misleading promotion, faulty and dangerous goods will be tested when doing these 0450 IGCSE Business Studies past year papers, 3.4.3 The opportunities and challenges of entering new foreign markets: • Growth potential of new markets in other countries • Problems of entering foreign markets, e.g. reward for risk-taking (enterprise), source of finance and more will be examined when doing IGCSE Business Studies past year papers• Difference between cash flow and profit, 5.3.2 Income statements: • Main characteristics of an income statement, e.g. The book really helps summarise the syllabus and it's really easy to understand. Marketing strategies to influence consumer decisions at home and in new foreign markets are the last topics in this section. Solving these Past Papers will help you to prepare for CAIE previously CIE IGCSE Business Studies (0450). Their A-levels accounting and business studies tuition has helped me a lot. 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IGCSE online tuition for business studies is also available. 16/08/2018 : IGCSE Business Studies 2018 Past Papers of March and May are updated. global warming • The concept of externalities: possible external costs (negative externalities) and external benefits of business decisions • Sustainable development; how business activity can contribute to this • How and why business might respond to environmental pressures and opportunities, e.g. Strongly recommended if you love quality learning. Look no further, TWINS Education is recommended! Most importantly the notes are prepared by teacher and all those notes short in explanation with key words, pictures which easy for student to memorize, remember and thus save time for student to study with thick books as compare to Twins Education notes . Thanks to Chris n the team, I attended addmaths tuition classes here and it really improved my grades. With this, I strongly recommend Twins Education for any future students as I have always enjoyed our lessons together. It is not just the result, Mr Chris Gan was skillful in creating the interest, understanding and ways to score in the subject. Really like the teaching method and environment. 6 External influences on business activityThis section concentrates on different external influences on business activity and how these impact and affects on a business.