Evergreen Viburnum (Viburnum Pragense) Evergreen viburnums are beautiful broadleaf evergreen shrubs that provide four seasons of interest in the garden. Large white flower clusters appear in the summer and are followed by bright berries lasting through the winter. Yews are a common foundation planting. Lyla Willows. Help identifying evergreen shrub. They provide structure, all year interest, and being very easy to look after, are labour saving. Common species of evergreen shrubs include junipers, Siberian cypress, yews, hemlock, firs, Douglas fir, spruce, pine, arborvitae and false cypress. Shrubs are deciduous or evergreen woody plants and provide a variety of fragrant flowers, berries, autumn colour, foliage and coloured stems. 3 years ago 'Fire Power' can get leggy. Featured Answer. After you identify the correct leaf-shape category of your evergreen shrub, you can further narrow down the evergreen shrub species. Selecting the right one for the growing conditions starts with proper identification. The main problem with clay is its lack of drainage. The flat needles are soft to the touch. This is not to say that they are not good evergreen shrubs or not worthy of inclusion in the best ten on this page. In addition, they add shape and a basic structural framework to the garden and provide shelter and a food source for wildlife. 3 years ago. Email Save Comment 31. They can be wide and spreading, upright or pyramidal. Follow. If soil is too dense with clay, and water never drains, then the roots of many shrubs may rot out. Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A. I only have recent photos (January) so I have no idea if it flowers. So, no irate emails please about our not including your favourite flowering evergreens. Evergreen shrubs can be used as a focal point, screen or anchor in a landscape or mixed border. Thanks! Evergreen shrubs form the backbone to a garden and, whether large or small, there is usually one to suit the space. Hopefully someone will have some insight as to what it is so I can make some decisions as to how to 'clean it up'! Viburnum pragense is hardy to zone 6 and has shiny green leaves with white felt undersides all year providing plenty of winter color. Identifying Common Evergreen Shrubs. Not only are there green leaved shrubs, but also silver, gold and variegated shrubs, which offer numerous decorative possibilities. It is simply that the range of evergreen shrubs that also flower, is so large that it would take several web pages to include just a small proportion! Many shrubs will. Will shrubs grow in clay soil? Many evergreen shrubs can also thrive in rocky soils, such as the Feelin’ Sunny Deodar Cedar which grows well on dry and rocky terrains. https://www.countryliving.com/.../g25367864/best-evergreen-shrubs