To Change the Tone of the Ukulele. How To Make Your Own Capo Ukulele Diy Tutorial Youtube. Using a ukulele capo isn’t complicated: Just clamp the capo onto your fingerboard and you’re ready to go! Elastic capo. The high capo gives the ukulele a sharp, mandolin-like tone. A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A#…. All your doubts will be answered here. The tension can be adjusted by using the different eyelet holes. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. Aug 12, 2015 - Here is an easy ukulele lesson lesson on what a capo is, how to put it on, how to use it, and what it does. Using your capo will allow you to try out new chord voicings, so if a tune is sounding stale, playing it with a capo will allow for a fresh interpretation that you might find more appealing. But when a song that's written for a guitar says to use a capo on the second fret, for example, does that translate into using a capo on the second fret of the uke? This is a trick that Keston Cobblers’ Club use on Pett Level (and many of their songs). Shubb Ukulele Capo. But a capo will let you use the chord shapes as they’re written. How to Use a Ukulele Capo. How to Use a Ukulele Capo First, the music alphabet. The elastic capo uses a plastic bar to hold down the strings, with an elastic strap which wraps around the neck of the guitar. Here is an easy ukulele lesson lesson on what a capo is, how to put it on, how to use it, and what it does. If you like to play and sing, the capo will come in handy, as you can quickly experiment with a song in different keys and see which suits your voice the best -- no complicated transposition necessary. Playing with a capo high on the ukulele really changes its tone. Each letter in the music alphabet is a half step or semitone from the one before or after. Shubb C9b Ukulele Capo Sweetwater All your doubts will be answered here. I usually just look up guitar chords for a song I want to play on my uke, then I play those chords on the uke. Using a capo on a ukulele? The notes in the music alphabet go in this order. When using a capo, the sound coming from your ukulele will be one note higher for each fret covered by your capo. Using the capo is as simple as learning the music alphabet. Check best price. What tuning is capo on 1st fret? Each ukulele fret is also a half step or semitone. What fret Do you capo for ukulele? If you’re using a spring-loaded capo, there’s not much more to think about besides placement, which I discuss below. Let’s say you place a capo on the first fret of this same guitar. That is, if you placed a capo on the third fret of your ukulele, it will raise the pitch by three semi-tones (from C tuning to D# tuning). These capos are very small, lightweight, and generally inexpensive.