10 Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Chemotherapy and Surgery May 22, 2018 | 10 Comments | Cancer , Essential Oils , Nutrition , Detox One of the most awful parts of navigating a cancer diagnosis is the side effects … You may experience side effects long after treatment ends. Dignicap: This FDA-cleared device is a snug … The skin is another area of the body that may show some side effects of chemotherapy. Some side effects from chemo stay around for longer periods. Talk with your doctor or nurse about long-term effects … How to manage side effects. If you receive your chemotherapy by injection and you develop redness, pain or a sore area at/or near the site, … Be aware that neither the absence nor presence of side effects can be interpreted as an indication of your treatment’s effectiveness. There are ways you can adjust your daily activities to cope with chemotherapy side effects. Some practical ways to reduce the impact of side effects … What you can do to minimize the chemo side effects if you choose chemotherapy … Katherine Anderson, naturopathic medicine chief of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, on how to sidestep three of chemotherapy's worst side effects. Chemo side effects: • Fatigue • Hairloss • Bruising • Infection • Anemia • Nausea • Vomiting • Loss of appetite • Diarrhea • Reactivation of viruses • Weight loss (loss of muscle) • Mood changes. 3. You can also find out more about managing side effects in our patient handbook .