To make some perfect Sicilian arancini you need, first, the perfect type of rice. Locatelli says that in his home region of Lombardy, arancini are made from leftover saffron risotto, but "the Sicilian way is to boil the rice in water with saffron added". How to make Sicilian Arancini: The first step is to cook the arborio rice. The Choice of Rice Usually Arborio rice, Carnaroli or Roma are used to prepare arancini because they have small starchy grains. For extra flavor, we cook the rice in chicken broth. SICILIAN ARANCINI | TIPS FROM TOMMASO CANNATA. Meanwhile, prepare a basic meat sauce with peas. Arancinotto, the arancini maker Arancinotto is the first and only arancini and arancine patented and produced entirely in Sicily.It arises from the need to speed up and improve the preparation of Sicilian arancini, both for home use and for professional use. You can use «originario» alone or mixed with some «roma» rice. It's important to double check the rice's provenance: use Italian rice, preferably Sicilian.. Cook it with some saffron and let it cool down. Set aside to cool. The arancinotto allows you to make Once these two ingredients are prepared, you are ready to assemble your arancini. Cooking Time Drain the rice when it begins to release its starch during cooking so that it doesn't become sticky. In the meantime, make your ragù or any kind of stuffing you want to add to you arancina. Once cooled, eggs and a mixture of parmigiano and pecorino romano cheeses are stirred in. HOW TO MAKE SICILIAN ARANCINI – Italian Rice Balls (VIDEO) admin | January 16, 2020 | Video recipes | No Comments | 71 views Arancini or should I say Sicilian Arancini – fantastic ‘street food – a delicious rice ball stuffed with many different fillings. It is crucial because of the starch released, that will allow you to have a compact rice layer.