They have many pop culture licenses so you can make your own 3D metal model of your favorite Star Wars ship or a bright red/yellow Iron Man model. This is a page about repainting a metal bird feeder. Advertisement. Build this birdhouse 32. I … Over time metal bird feeders can rust. Make sure all your tin cans are rinsed and dry, and ready to be upcycled. Dark acrylic paint, a damp paper towel, and a metal polishing cloth; First, I measured and cut my copper to fit the roof. I bought a great bird house last year but have not put it up yet due to my cats and the neighborhood squirrels. Hang the birdhouse in a safe spot in your garden and have fun with the kids watching the bird finding its way in its new house. 13 years ago. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Forgive me folks if I'm in the wrong forum. I did not see one devoted to birds in the home garden here. 2. So if you’ve been looking for some easy to read birdhouse plans to help you build a nice looking birdhouse then look no further. The Pallet Birdhouse Inside the house, add a handful of straw, grass, or thin twigs for the bird to make itself at home. This woman actually created a birdhouse and then went back and drew up really nice birdhouse plans so you could make an awesome (and simple) birdhouse too. Questions. Metal Earth produces very cool metal 3D model kits. With proper prep and a final clear coat, you can give the feeder a new look and it will last for many more years. Correct me if I'm wrong. A lot of people are hesitant to build one of these kits because they believe it is difficult. What you need to make your recycled tin can bird house: Big tin; Enamel sprey paint; Epoxy glue; Plastic tubing; pliers; Metal spike; Hammer; bottle top; Old ceramic saucer; Ceramic lid; Craft knife; Step 1. Wood and Stone Birdhouse. Small metal hole punch; Your metal stamping supplies, including a fun design stamp for the roof, and your favorite font to make a little welcome plaque. katefisher. Using License Plates to Build Birdhouse I like to build birdhouses and over the years, I've made hundreds of different birdhouses and nesting boxes that have fledged many baby birds. Birdhouse on metal pole. These kits range from very easy up to insanely advanced.