Anywho, I'm trying to kill the Royal Rat Authority, and man, he's closing the distance and swiping faster than I get a Lingering Flame/Flame Swathe/Chaos Storm off, and well, it's not going well. Melee . Does my SL/SM have anything to do with it or do I just need a better strategy? 5. Consuming gives 6000 Souls. I don't know if it's just me, but this jerk has been the hardest boss I've faced in the game thus far. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I finally defeated the Royal Rat Authority.. I cant hit the little minion guys because the only weapon I have that would be able to kill them fast enough cannot hit them. Praise the sun! Royal Rat Authority Soul is a consumable item in Dark Souls 2. As always, thanks r/DarkSouls2! The best strategy against the rats is to use a weapon with a wide attack range that can hit them all if they're grouped together. Interesting Royal Rat Authority note on Wikidot... Close. Those who choose to serve the Rat King must have the courage to face His challenges. After vomiting, the Royal Rat Authority will perform slower, lazier attacks. I have a screwed up build and need help. Please help! This thread is archived. 5 years ago . Im on PC. Strategies. Apparently his rats are constantly respawning even after 15 deaths and drop Pharros' Lockstone. It is highly advised to aggressively rush in and take out the rat minions first as they can inflict poison. Use the special soul of this rat to acquire numerous souls. Royal Rat Authority - Dark Souls II - Walkthrough Trying to get past that Dog Rat? share. My soul memory is 405,997. or to create something of great worth. 7 comments. save hide report. Archived. It took me about 10 tries of dying from toxication to realize going under his legs made the fight pretty damn easy. 100% Upvoted. Four rats wait on the far left side of the room, with the Royal Rat Authority on the platform just above them. u/galestride. Posted by. Lvl 82 help needed on royal rat authority. Royal Rat Authority Soul: Soul of the Royal Rat Authority, of the underground realm. Usage. Dark Souls 2 - Royal Rat Authority, boss tactics We've got an essential guide to making light work of the next boss fight in Dark Souls 2, and packing the right kind of gear to handle it. The rats inflict toxic, so be ready to combat that if necessary. Stay under the belly of the boss where his forepaw strikes are rendered ineffective. Check out this boss guide on how to kill Royal Rat Authority in Dark Souls II.