My car came close to the 11s last year 12.2 and am pretty confident it will run 12.0s maybey a high 11 this year.. There are many factors which affect horsepower. I doubt I have 450HP. and then you have to … its in supporting mods and tune to make them last. or both cars for that matter. This is also with a dead hook, no tire spin.. Check out the build details right here at or the June 2012 issue of Car Craft Magazine. Elapsed time is the duration a vehicle takes to complete a run in a competition. The guys at Car Craft show you how to build a budget 350 SBC engine good for running in the 11s. Car "B" has 444 HP and 593 TQ and wieghs 3100lbs with driver but cant run better than a 11.20 @ 120ish. Google hp 1/4 mile calculators put in you weight and 1/4 time you want and it will tell you how much hp you need Mine went 11.7 121mph I put the mph and weight into the cal and it told me I have 450hp at the engine. So theres a good $5,000 in aftermarket suspension, tires and rear end just to get it to hook.. Note: This is a rough and quick estimate of engine horsepower. For 3825 lbs you need 635 HP at crank to do 11.10's . I'm guessing i'll probably need about 400 rwhp but wanted to see what others thought. I think every car is diffrent when it comes to "how much HP do I need to run 11s?? there are guys that push more and just fine. This rich Internet app uses the quarter mile distance or 400 meter track. mid 300hp/400ishtq to thru the tires is about what it takes with full weight. ". 425rwhp is round a round about figure to use. For 3625 lbs you need 600 HP at the crank to do 11.10's . I know 11's can be had with much less horsepower than i'm making, but my car doesn't weigh 2900 lbs, have a full drag suspension, or have 4.30 gears with big slicks. I'm trying to figure out how much power is needed with the setup mentioned above. For 4200 lbs you need 695 HP at crank to do 11.10's . The "EXAMPLE CAR" was to hear what people thought it should run based on numbers. Im not looking for formulas and not trying to figure out how much … as for getting to 11's, its about traction, weight, and tq. Interesting i'll be wrapped if I can go that quick. This calculator computes the estimated engine or motor horsepower from elapsed time.