Find A VA Recruiter; Find A VA Recruiter Go to. Recruiters screen and interview potential candidates to determine whether they would succeed in the open position. Second, you don’t have to wait on recruiters to fill your needs. If you call and/or email and … Here are some excellent questions to ask potential nurse recruiters: Even when you ask the best questions, and get the answers you’re looking for, finding the job of your dreams is about being in the right place, at the right time. One of the things you want to look for in a healthcare recruiter is how close they are in the industry and their track record. Nurse Staffing Issues In The ER And Ways To Improve Them. One of the things you want to look for in a healthcare recruiter is how close they are in the industry and their track record. FAQ, 10 Ways To Improve Work Performance As A Nurse. Some recruiters have more leverage, marketing outreach, and networking in different cities or states. They have insider information on what organizations and nurse managers are looking for in top candidates. And one of the best ways to identify committed, well-connected recruiting agencies is through an expo, conference, or healthcare event. Find what you are looking for. Nurse recruiters are free to use because they are hired by companies to fill open positions. And one of the best ways to identify committed, well-connected recruiting agencies is through an expo, conference, or healthcare event. Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB is a freelance writer and owner of Even with the healthcare industry poised to grow with an aging population–nearly 1 million job openings for healthcare professionals as of July 2019–it’s still beneficial and in some cases necessary to utilize a recruiter in order to keep up with staffing needs in your healthcare facility. Getting a nurse job with a recruiter requires some initial legwork. How to Find a Nurse Recruiter When on the search for a recruiter it’s important to look for the following: Healthcare Industry Knowledge – Find someone that has knowledge of the healthcare industry. Telehealth Nursing – What are the Advantages and Disadvantages? If you can’t find a recruiter to work with, try reaching out to the internal human resources department at the facility you’re interested in working. This process typically begins with a phone interview during which the candidate and recruiter get to know each other. A particular state? What is the process or journey like when working with you? How? Do you have a list of referrals that I can contact to ask a few questions? Are you a nurse… See below and find out why your next step should be with My Nurse Recruiter. We provide search filters that are tailored to nurse recruiters, letting you sift through the mountain of nursing candidates to find the exact candidates you need to fill your open nursing … In today’s ever growing world of technology, there are several options when it comes to picking a recruiter to meet the needs of your clinic. Of course, you want to make sure that a recruiting or staffing agency can fill positions in your area and in the facilities that require staffing. Expand your capabilities with Medley and sign up for free today. (715) 803-6360 This is especially true for alternative recruiting solutions that have helped to mitigate costs, save time, and improve efficiency. You can also check the company’s website, where this information may be available along with the jobs that are currently open. Lastly, you can increase efficiency with Medley. As stated before, the medical field is continuing to grow, and there are more and more nurses who want to control their own schedules and work on a shift-by-shift basis. Contact Us What have you done within the healthcare industry related to recruiting? They might work with some recruiters and provide a few names. To find out more about your recruiter, visit their website. How do you negotiate salary when I am interested in a job. This might be in the beginning when you need help breaking into the industry or once you have experience and you’re ready to advance your career. Search tens of thousands of RN jobs across the US! How To Find A Nursing Job With A Recruiter, Top 5 Continuing Education Resources for Nurses, Mask Wearing 101: How to Educate Your Patients, 5 tips to get the most out of your online interview, 5 ways nurses can stay safe during COVID-19. Medley’s accreditation system and secure background checks ensure that the nurses in your network are qualified and have the necessary background/experiences to do the job. We take the headaches out of the nurse placement process. Finding Nursing Recruiters. One of the most important things to establish about a recruiting agency before you integrate them into your healthcare facility is the region and locations in which they are most prevalent in. These expos and conferences usually highlights guest speakers, research, or innovations in the medical field and are a great informative resource as well as a place to make connections. What other clients have you helped? | Think about saving yourself time and get a recruiter! When on the search for a recruiter it’s important to look for the following: A recruiter is a partner in the search for your best nursing job. Unlike recruiting agencies, who typically get paid a percentage per candidate, Medley requires a flat-rate price that will save you 40% more than traditional agencies. When you’re ready to talk to a recruiter, you need to be armed with a few questions to get the relationship off to a good start. The Top 5 Tips To Help Reboot Your Nursing Career. Nurses can book shifts directly to your healthcare facility through the Medley app or website. Are they able to fulfill employment at a national level? Find out who the nurse recruiter is at the organization for which you want to work by calling and asking to speak with the human resources department. Recruiters increasingly scope out job seekers on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Nursing (Nurse Executives, Nurse Managers, APRN, and CRNA) Senior Executive/Physician Leadership (Administrators, Chiefs of Staff, VHA Central Office, etc.) | Check our FAQ Does the agency specialize in a particular region? My Nurse Recruiter is Different than most of the places you have seen online simply because we do all the work for you. Are you ready for your next nursing job? But just because a staffing agency or recruiter sates that they can fill needs in your locations, you should make sure that their track record also speaks to that. And one of the leading per diem recruiting platforms is Medley. Medley’s average time-to-fill is minutes, as opposed to the days or weeks it takes standard recruiting agencies, and Medley will ensure you’re not wasting any time getting qualified nurses into your facilities. Below are some tips on how to find a nursing recruiter and some viable alternatives made possible by today’s innovations. The nurse recruiter will listen to your fears and expectations to help guide you into a new position that fits your career goals. You can also ask them how the process works, even if you aren’t interested in a job at the moment. Increase efficiency, save time and money, and allow Medley to let high-quality nurses come to you. Call us now: Post a nursing job now or find a nursing job package that's right for you and your budget. Staff, per diem and travel nursing jobs can best be found at, the leading nurse job board on the internet. Medley is committed to making your search for qualified nurses easier than ever by eliminating the middle-man and allowing you to directly bring in top nurses around the country. One of technology’s greatest innovations in the recruiting world comes in the form of per diem recruiting. It can help you understand how things work before you get started on the journey to a new opportunity. Using a recruiter is similar to obtaining legal advice from a lawyer or home listings from a realtor. Use our specialized filters. To be a nurse recruiter, it takes a lot of creativity, a strong understanding of the medical world, and … Generally, HR will give you the nurse recruiter’s name and contact information. makes it easy and quick to post jobs for nurse recruitment. Powered by HiringOpps Job Board Software. Finding a recruiter who’s well established in your region will ensure you’re optimizing your staffing needs. What is My Nurse Recruiter and why is it different? Per diem recruiting is an alternative recruiting solution that allows nurses to book shifts directly to your facility on a shift-by-shift basis. Job candidates looking to stand out online should maintain an updated and well-written LinkedIn profile.