... Made with care, as K-Paul’s did, the drink is flat-out delicious. I first had a hot and dirty martini at the Mermaid Inn in New York. Sprinkle a small plate with pepper and salt, run a lime wedge around the rims of two martini glasses, and dip the edges in … It's an excellent aperitif as it really gets your digestive juices churning. Grrrrrrrrrrr This is a very simple variation on the classic martini, and its obviously got a very arresting name. It's perfect before a special dinner, whether… https://www.thespruceeats.com/habanero-martini-recipe-760826 A Spicy Vodka Martini for Non-Vodka Drinkers. First, line the rims with black pepper and salt if desired. Hot and Dirty Martini plus over 1,000 more TABASCO® Foodservice recipes perfect for foodservice and industrial use. Instructions.