13 homemade recipes for herring roe from the biggest global cooking community! What is Kazunoko? They sort of shiver on the toast when carried. 10/10 Two quick recipes for Melts (aka soft herring roes) Both recipes serve 4 as generous starter, or 2 as generous main course* SOFT ROES WITH MUSTARD. 1 pack herring melts (454grams / 1lb) 2 tsps English mustard; 2ozs/50g butter; a little salt (optional) Method. The only other commercial herring fishery in Southeast, a sac roe fishery in Sitka Sound is not expected to open because of size and marketability of the spawning fish and coronavirus impacts on markets. However, Breese does not think herring eggs harvested in the spawn on kelp season will be impacted by those factors. Kazunoko (数の子) is one of the popular dishes in Osechi Ryori (おせち料理), the Japanese New Year food. They were served with perfect texture of golden butter fried outside and deliquescent interior. Served with a wedge of lemon these beauties made a perfect lunch. Kazunoko, herring roe marinated in dashi soy seasoning, is one of the popular Japanese New Year dishes. Herring are perhaps best known as the fish from which kippers are made but this page shares a number of tasty recipes for cooking and serving herring in different ways. Other cookbooks from the forties referencing canned herring roe have recipes for fish roe, if not herring roe specifically. Herring are a delicious eating fish, generally inexpensive to buy and easy to clean and cook. Herring roe is so soft and creamy and the cooking in butter is just the way to treat them. This prized delicacy symbolizes a prosperous family and wishes for many children and grandchildren. Ingredients. The roe is the star of the show of course. Melt the butter then stir in the mustard and salt. See recipes for Delicious Kazunoko (Herring Roe) for Osechi too.