He sited some German studies that should increased ester production with overpitch. I like to have a balanced hefeweizen with lots of phenolics and esters. Testing hefeweizen pitch rates. I like to have a balanced hefeweizen with lots of phenolics and esters. Better to go under than over with this style, IMHO. This the right pitching rate for a Hefeweizen? #3 secondbase , Jun 26, 2016 Press J to jump to the feed. Oct 19, 2016. If I decant 25%, then pitch the rest, I will get a slight underpitch, right? With no rest, drinkers rated the intensity of esters at 4.1, and it was reduced to 3.4 with a 10-minute rest and 2.6 with a 20-minute rest. For me underpitching is giving me the results that I want. This last batch I made I had efficiency problems so it may not be an adequate example to test. This strain has low flocculation and minor sulfur production. WLP380 Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast is POF+, this strain will contribute phenolic characteristics to finished products. I have to stop drinking before a brew day. The jury is still out on whether it makes a difference. Edit: 5 gal batch. Supposively, they are the same strain, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Homebrewing community. This. With E2U ™ active dry yeasts, you can pitch directly or rehydrate; depending on your equipment, habits and feelings. That depends entirely on the volume and SG of the wort you are pitching into. In fact, I'm looking for yeast that has sat around a little while to get into that 60 - 70% viability sweet spot that I'm looking for. u/Kzang151. I pitched the yeast but taking into account that for a "good hefe” one must stress the yeast. I just smack the pack of 3068 and pitch it. Wlp300 in a 1L starter of 1.040. The following is a guideline for determining concentration (cell density) of harvested yeast: Harvested slurry is typically in the 40% to 60% solids range. Use yeast selection and fermentation temp to control esters. Yeah. Edited by ettels4, 05 April 2014 - 05:14 AM. GET COMFORT. 10% less yeast than recommended for the pitch rate. 7 lbs red wheat, 4 lbs German pils. Certainly is an easy way to do it. And then there's the whole debate about will pitching less yeast increase or decrease esters? Kai did some research on it, but it was inconclusive. However, looking at my notes I pitched the recommended 158 billion cells of WY3068 into 5.5 gallons of a 1.060 Dunkelweizen with 30 sec of O2 and it came out really nice. Latest: Bocochoco; 6 minutes ago; Winemaking Forum. 12. Archived. PitchRate is a free PR tool that connects journalists and the highest rated experts. I've recently gone to 6 - 7 million/ml and found that I like my results better. For… Read more Trying to control esters through pitching rate is a crapshoot. Pitch normal amounts. I've had better results, i.e., more clove, when I've underpitched. I'll have to brew it again and see. You know what? Some say you should underpitch so it stresses the yeast and throws off more flavors. Cheers Jürgen PS: Als Anfänger mit Flüssighefe zu arbeiten, ist mutig, aber bei Weizen noch zulässig My favorite yeasts for all weizen-type beers is White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale and Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen, but feel free to try other weizen-type yeasts. We offer you the opportunity to make your life easier, and eventually contribute to sustainability by saving water and energy. I under pitched a little on this last batch. Consistent pitch rates can be achieved simply by measuring Lallemand Premium Dry Brewing Yeast by weight without the need to count cells or measure viability. For journalists: we deliver pitches from credible, compelling experts offering bylined articles, products for gift guides, and books to review straight to their inbox! For a 5 gal, I don't even make a starter, Yes, which I'm going to do, but the question is, how much to underpitch, billions wise. At 65% efficiency, 1.054. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This the right pitching rate for a Hefeweizen? Pitching rate and temperature will dramatically affect the flavor and aroma of this strain. While brewers like to pitch a reduced cell count to increase weizen fermentation characteristics, I’m not a big fan of that technique. Live Oak Hefeweizen (98) “A propulsive aroma with familiar hefe notes of sweet banana and clove melds into a structured body with a touch of hops bitterness that keeps the beer honest and avoids the typical clichés. Weizenbier of Weißbier is een tarwebier van Zuid-Duitse of Beierse oorsprong.. Dit tarwebier wordt gebrouwen volgens hoge gisting.Tarwebieren gebruiken naast gerstemout ook minstens 55% tarwemout als grondstof. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Brews-Bros.com, This is not recommended for shared computers. Any process you choose, we will be happy to ensure you the highest standards of quality, productivity and security. I get a nice balance of clove & banana. Traditional brewing techniques suggest underpitching to produce more classic characteristics of the style. That beer, it should be noted, was open fermented. Edited by denny, 07 April 2014 - 02:35 PM. A cheap and easy apple wine. YeastCalculator.com uses 9.9 million/ml as a default value,  So "Brewing with Yeast" suggests something from 40 - 70% that value. It's really not a good way to do things. Sadu. Your post reminds me, I think we discussed this at length before and you or someone else posted some studies that showed pitch rate had a minimal effect on ester production in relation to ferm temp and some other controls. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Schneider Weisse Original pitches 7 million. Several functions may not work. And the other 75% starter you save for the next batch. Really I need to get my HERMS going so I can do steps easier. How much are you really pitching anyway? The fog of war gets you everytime. That assumes you get additional flavor from decoction. Yeah, I have heard this many times too. Pitch rates when using harvested slurry should be 1.5-2 times the rate of laboratory grade culture (see Standard Pitching Rates Chart above ). Grand Duke of Inappropriate Announcements. Do you have enough to complete fermentation? IMO, pitching less yeast will decrease esters for most, but not all, strains. Wenn der Hersteller der Hefe schreibt, dass die Menge für 20 Liter ausreicht, bist du als Anfänger gut beraten, dieser Aussage zu glauben. You want to stress out the yeast somewhat to get the estery banana flavors in a traditional hefe. "Brewing with Yeast" says German literature suggests 4 million to 7 million cells per ml. I would have gone with wyeast 3068 but you will end up with a good beer.